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For Reference 

Not to be taken from this room 

Blllerica Pub,/c Library 
S'"er/ca, MA 01821 




Spring 2011 


Spring 2011 

iirimr PrrTT 

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■ A 



Thursday, November 24 


Alexandra R. Adier 


11 Kimbrough Road 
School Activities: Cheerleadinq; 
Art Pliotograpliy Club; 
Newspaper; IVIock Trial 
IVIemories: Canada 3 amigos. 
Italy BREATH TAKING. Myrtle 
Beach chillen & Sam sleeping. 
Florida w Apaches & National 
Champs. Tuxbury pond. Cottage 
summer love. Kesha & Boston. 
Fires & Dirty Ric driving. 

Haverhill. Stars w maga, 
ry and pookie. Movies, 
mall, club shinanagance. 
YEARS. 10-15-08, 
11-13-10 <3 Billerica 

Makenzie A. Altobelli 

Clayton N. Arrocq 


5 Heavenly Way 
School Activities: Marching 
Band; Science League; 
Winter Percussion; SPAC; 
Math League; Drama Club, 
Stage Crew 

Memories: Competitions, 
Football games/The Nines, 
The Bus Rides, Adventuring 
and getting caught in horror 
movies with the trumpets, 
Science League, The 
trapdoor, Bro nights, 
Disney, dubbing Star 
Wars, seeing the Lion 
King in a theater again, 
and oh so many LOLs 

Parker S. Bailey 

Caitlin S. Barbas 

School Activities : Swim 
Team; Track; Amnesty 
Intemational; French Club; 
Leo Club; NHS; Peer Leader; 

Memories : Thanks to all my 
family, friends, coaches, and 
teachers. Good times with 
Safiya, Pat, Jen, Aimee, Irini, 
Jordan, Megan, Brittany, 
Mary, Lisa, Rebecca, Dan, 

the Swim Girls, and the 
Track Girls. Good 
Luck to my brother 
Nick, enjoy your time at 

Kristina E. Barry 

Rachel Baldwin 

Ryan P. Baroni 

Robert W. Battcock 




Victoria Beiakinov 


Dylan R. Bettencourt 

Jozef I. Bla( 

Cross Country; Winter Track; 
Spring Tracl<; Cross Country; 
Orcliestra; NHS 

Quotes, The Seal, The 
Dungeon, The Building, 
Orchestra, Great Brook, The 
Sombrero, Oregon Trail, 
Summer Practices, French 

Joe Black 
4 Theresa Avenue 
Memories : Playing cards in 
homeroom with Alex B, Justin 
B, and David B. Also 
spending every day at Mrs. 
Jacobs's room and talking 
with her all the time and 
sharing stories with each 

W ^ 


Jasmine L. Bou-Nassif 

304 Andover Road 
School Activities : Writing 
Center; GSA; NHS; Spanisli 
Club; Art Club 
Memories : Homeroom 
quotes, Memorial Day 
adventures around town, and 
just hanging out with the girls! 

Robert C. Bourgeois 


315 Salem Road 
School Activities : Hockey; 
Golf; Lacrosse; DECA 
Memories : golfing with the 
golf crew, good time in 
hockey locker room with the 
boys, homeroom with K. 
Brunelle and Ms Rivera, and 
early morning locker sessions 
with D. Clericuzio 


Patrick J. Bradanese 


16 Governor Doherty Road 

School Activities : Baseball; 

Memories : Pasta parties with 

the baseball and basketball 
teams. Dodgeball champions 
with the Lumberjacks, J. 
Rayner, T. Zarro, M. Frawley, 
and C. Mcdonough. Hanging 
with the boys at Frawl's 
Kingdom. Chilling with 
my boy Sean F. Being 
apart of the first playoff 

home win for varsity 
basketball in 20 years. 

Alexis A. Brandano 


Tina M. Brewster 


32 Russet Road 
School Activities : Soccer 1-4; 
Winter Track 1-2; Spring 
Track 1-2 

IVIemories : pasta parties and 
the scavenger hunts with the 
soccer girls, prom, football 
games, lunch table senior 
year, and nights with the best 
friends, many more 
unforgettable memories. 

Justin A. Brookings 

41 Heritage Road 
School Activities : Football; 
Lacrosse; Soccer; Wrestling 
Memories : I will always 
remember: Tenting At EJJJ's 
with Corkery and Alex J, 
Training with Kyle O. and 
Pilla, DB day with the bros, 
Gangstas with John E. and 
the bros, C-blockin Kyle O,, 
Study at the Library, 
Eddie saying- "We just need 
to laugh at things like that" 
I Love You Becca 

Erin A. Brooks 

12 Simonds Farm Road 
School Activities : 
Volleyball 1-4; Basketball 1-4; 
Softball 1-4; DECA 3-4 
Memories : Good times at 
Appleokee, Supreme, trips to 
Boston, Gar Wars, Pasta 
parties, DECA, Bermuda, 
scavenger hunts, and many 
other good times with good 

Kyle R. Brunelle 

18 Simonds Farm Rd 
School Activities :Basketball 1 ; 
Lacrosse 1 ; Basketball 2; 
Golf 2-4; DECA 2-4 
Memories : Volleyball 
Superfans with Crow, Ferg, 
Joe, Ochab, and Tee Love, 
Clubin' it up every night with 
the team, WWE, Every year in 
Magz's class, DECA states 
and nationals, Party elevator, 
The Golf Team, fun 
with Quez with Pat and 

Alex J. Buchanan 

7 Pichowicz Road 
School Activites : Drama; 
Chamber Singers 
Memories : Late Night 
Rehearsals, Performances, 
SPAC, and Drama Fest, 
Playing Cards all of 

Kelsey D. Bunker 

Jaquelyn T. Burke 

29 Champa Road 
School Activities : Marching 
Band; Hockey 
Memories : Band camp, after 
school rehearsal, 
competitions, football games, 
bus rides, parades, Florida, 
the revolution, homeroom 
quotes, 5am practice, 
scavenger hunts, games, 
pasta parties, and the __ 
best friends I'll ever 


13 Carline Drive 
Memories : connor john and 
my 5 best girls, i love you 
forever! SPAC with the best, 
nights before Pep Rally, 
making shirts, dancing 
everyday., sally gould for life, 
costa rica, hr 3205, football 
games, mr. Stanton's class, 

friends and family. 

Patrick J. Burns 


14 Hattie Lane 
Activities : Cross Country; 
Indoor Track; Outdoor Track; 
Amnesty International; NHS 
Memories : 4 years of XC and 
track and everyone on the 
teams, (AAAH!), "pushy", 
posters in Mrs. Foley's bio 
class, searching for food, 
chem & precalc..., Hermionie, 
___ junior year lunch table, 
AP tests, BURNS car, 
Art classes, 3 year job 

Andrew M. Campbell 

Christopher K. Campbell 


Memories : Hangin out with 
Ryan H, Jim M, Nick P, A 
Loranger and the rest. Jr. 
Prom, Camping summer of 
2011, Cancun2011, My 2 
Jettas, Dunkin Donuts every 
morning, Bon Fires, Tuesday 
night hooters, skiing at 
Wildcat. Love you Dad and 
Ashley, you are the best. 


11 Exeter Place 


Katelyn G. Canario 


50 Rio Vista Street 
Memories : Good times in 
pliysics block junior year, 
crazy math class's freshman 
year, trips to Boston, 
Wednesday night karaoke at 
Applebee's, and the trip to 
Greece and Italy with Ms. 
Bishop. And all the other 
good times spent with my 
friends, love you guys! 

Joshua M. Cast( 

Carley A. Cann 

1 1 Nickerson Drive 
School Activities: Basketball 


Nicole M. Catal 

Meghan M. Catania 


School Activities : IVlarching 
Band; Color Guard; Science 
League; Musical, Crew 
Memories : Friday night 
football games, going to the 
99 after, bus rides, and 
Disney trips with band; 
NESBA champions; 
winterguard with Kelly Young; 
meeting at Moe's locker 
before homeroom; 
crew for the musical; 
going to prom on a W f Wi 
school bus, and so f i|| 
many more. Ij^iS 

4 Battcock Road 
School Activities: Soccer: 

Track; Future Teachers of 
America; Italian Club 
Memories : Pasta parties, 
track meets & soccer games. 
Working for Gigi, homeroom 
hanging out with 
, & my high school 
heart Kyle W 

V. Cedrone 

Megan A. Celona 


3 Warren Street 

School Activities : Wrestling; 


Memories : All the great times 
with my boys, the nb crew at 
the rock, My H.S girlfriend 
C.Mixon April18th. Fires, 
Artie's, and all the games. 
Wrestling locker room, DECA 
states so many more! 

1 Myers Lane 
School Activities : French 
Club; Anime Club 
Memories : Singing in the 
hallways, Disney movie 
parties in my basement, and 
Breaking out in multiple songs 
and movie quotes during 

Jonah G. Choe 

Andrew R. Ciccariello 

Joe Nacho 
18 Robinhood La 
School Activities : Golf 2-4; 
Indoor Track 3-4; Orchestra 
2-4; Math League 2-4 
Memories : Good times in 
French with Mark and Nikolay. 
Hooters with the golf boys 
after the Sectionals win. 
Laughing at Matty G's jokes. 
Boat Shoes Wednesday. 
Constantly getting help 
from Rebecca. Can't 
forget my high school 
sweetheart Jaime. 


4 Shawsheen Road 
chool Activities : Soccer 2-4; 
ockey 4; DECA; Tennis 3-4; 
ock Trial 

emories : Never forget the 
th seed underdog wins and 
r run for glory and crabbing 
opie, Hey do they know!, 
e General Lee is boss, 
per smash, crazy driving 

_ with bird in the 3000, 
Autobots roll out, being 
the voice of the 

f Indians, love my family 

w ^ 


Donald W. Clericuzio 


35 George Brown Street 
School Activities : Golf 1 -4 
Memories : Locker hot spot 
before first block. Ms. Peter's 
snuggle group. Golf bus back 
seat with Bourgeois and 

Gina M. Cloutier 

4 Sesame Street 
School Activities : Swim; 
Tennis; Peer Leader; NHS; 
Amnesty Intl.; Italian Club 
Memories : Swim MVC 
Champs, Hakuna Matata, 
Scavenger hunts, 
AnthonyPalooza, telling 
stories instead of swimming, 
Papa; Staying pretty with my 
tennis girls, Ms. O'Donnells D 

Block, MacGlee, 
PFams, Lee, Watching If 
the TV and not 
matching outfits with m 

w ^ 

Derek V. Coffey 



School Activities: Baseball; 

Wrestling; Mock Trial; DECA; 
Peer Mediation 
Memories : I will never forget 
the time that while we were 
playing baseball in Lawrence 
my freshman year, Harvey D 
"OMD" took a random spoon 
out of his back pocket to dig 
underneath the base so the 
base would fit back in. 
Also, always remember 
■ Matty G. 

Ashley M. Colantuoni 

Brian M. Cole 

117 High Street 
Memories : Thank you to 
Mom, Dad, Bobby, and 
Derek. I want to thank Mrs. 
Sargent and Shawn too for 
helping me these past 4 
years. I will miss you. 


Edward J. Collins 

Paul D. Collins 

Mr. RMS Titanic 
42 Nolte Road 
Memories : Making cool stuff 
out of clay in 3D art with Ms. 
Fredericks. Working in class 
with my good friends Renee, 
Sara, David, Katie, Emily, 
Hayle, Nathaniel, Brian, 
Jimmy, Jackie, O'Neal John, 
Myah, Brianna, Erica, and 
Casey. Having Ms.Sargent, 
Ms.Judy and Shawn as 
great teachers. 

Kyle W. Corkery 


62 Wildcrest Avenue 
School Activities 
Lacrosse 1 -4; Football 1 - 3 

Maureen D. Corbett 


6 Kara Lane 

School Activities : Class 

Treasurer; Drama Club; 

Chamber Singers; A Capelia; 


Memories : BMHS, the days 
dragged on and the years 
flew by. Musicals&Plays, 
concerts&shows, bomb 
threats&lockdowns, and 

getting screwed over 
on penny war three 
years in a row. Always 
remember that 
tomorrow's a new day, 
and never forget to live 
laugh love. ^ 

Joyce L. Cortez 

Jennifer M. Couture 


37 Mallard Stree 
Memories : I will always 
remember my time @ BMHS. 
Especially, Mr. G's Brit Lit 
class, my great senior year 
teachers, SPAC, and pep 
rallies. I won't forget Mrs. P's 
question of the day in the 
library & Spanish w/ Mrs. P & 
her funny turkey story. 

18 Sheridan Streetj 
School Activities : French 
Club; Community Service; 
Environmental Club; 
Memories : From the ups andl 
downs; underdog to now, li 
wouldn't have gotten! 
anywhere without my family,' 
friends, challengers andl 
inspirations. From hystericall 
crying to hysterical 
laughing, I owe it all to ^ 
you for mal<ing me 
who I am today. It's ■ 
Time For Me To Fly. 5 



Haley A. Crimmings 

44 Lexington Rd. 
School Activities : Swimming 
Memories : I remember the 
first time i met my boyfriend 
on his bus. I'll never forget the 
learning center and everyone 
in it, i remember all my 
awesome teachers and 

Ashley R. Cunneen 

Andrew M. Cunningh< 

Jeanette C. Daaboul 


m II 

Kelly A. Dangora 


Memories : My homeroom 
girls! Asliley D., Mitctiell D., 
and Jordan D. My psych 
buddies that made that class 
bearable, the lunch crew, the 
library gang, and everyone 
else that made high school 
worth it: Nick E., Steph W., 
Jess T., Ernie M., and Anna 

Elizabeth N. Darrigo 

9 Ricca Farm road 
School Activities : Lacrosse 
Memories : Lived the past four 
years to the fullest and 
wouldn't change a thing. 
Young, wild & free. 


1 1 Hardwood Drive 
School Activities : Hockey; 
Soccer; Future Teachers of 
America; NHS; Peer Leaders 
Memories : FBGM, Ms. 
O'Donnell's D Block Class, 
watching the TV, wearing 
clothes that don't match, & all 
the other stuff that I forgot. 

Krlstlna R. DeRosier 

Rockmere Road 
Memories : Dancing in SPAC 
all four years with my best 
friends. Fun-filled nights of 
rehearsal & crazy 
sleepovers on the night 
before every show. 
Great times with Jacqui 
Becca Kristyn and Michelle 
Story times with my 
homeroom girls Kelly Trish 
and Liz, so many great 
memories with you . " 
girls! My best friend v^i 
Heather D.i 


Jordan A. DeSousa 

School Activities: Art Club; 

Environmental Club 
Memories : Met some great 
friends, had some great 
times! Thanks Roni, Becca, 
Ashley, Jasmine, Erika, and 
Anna especially for the laughs 
and memories. <3 

Nicholas A. Del Monaco 


17 Baniulis Road 
School Activitie s: Lacrosse; 
Hockey; Italian Club 
Memories: Getting my finger 
chopped off on a bus full of 
laxers. Great Job! 

Ashley E. Demers 

356 Andover Road 
Memories: Best friend since 
day one E. Howe!. ..Homeroom 
3207 and the three girls that got 
me through the day having our 
amazing convosations each and 
every day M. Dimanche, J. 
DeSousa. J. Daaboul...Libary 
Grew! S.White J. Turinese A. 
Robinson... We grew apart but 
you guys were still an important 
part of my life in and 
outside of BMHS C. 
Slejzer and C. Coakley 

Trlcia K. Devlin 


10 Eastgate Road? 
School Activities: Future? 
Teachers of America; Peer; 
Leaders; Softball^ 
Memories: Best Friends Love? 
you all! My Girls: Thanks for| 
always being there, Softball^ 
ladies: 8 stitches, stats,, 
Ninjas, Romkey! Slumbers at 
Soupa's, My Twiny Emily and 
Harry Potter, Darties, 
E.Coli, Ms. Button: 
thank you for 
everything. Family: 
love you always 


Angela K. DiFrancesco 

36 Tercentennial Drive 
Memories : - Book club at 
Arties; 4th of July, 201 1 
Peacefully going to class, 
and Getting punched in the 

Thorsten N. Dieckow 

Mitchell N. Dimanche 


5 Perreault Avenue 
School Activities: Volleyball; 
Swimming; Spanish Club 
Memories: Fun times in AP 

Chem, Matty G, Niko, 

37 Allendale Avenue 
School Activities: Chamber 
Singers; A cappella; NHS 
Memories: 3207 Hr corner: 
Jenna, Jen, Thorsten, Ashley & 
Jordan! My "study" group in 
Dadams class: Katie R., Jen C. 
& Aline Ml *Hugh Hefner! ;) My 
"blonde" moments shared w/ 
Beth N.! All the times I was 
thankful Jen C. was in my 
anatomy class! jokes w/ Lauren 
D. <3! Breakfast & therapy 
sessions w/ Ashley in 
keyboarding! & many other 
people & memories that made 
my high school years 
amazing!! <3 


Jennifer K. Dinh 

Danielle M. Diorio 


202 Nashua Road 
School Activities: NHS: 

Tennis; French Club; Math 
League; Amnesty Club 
Memories: "Livin' La Vida 

Memories: "What's a Dane 


Kevin J. Doherty 

17 McGinness Way 
School Activities: Cross 

Country; Newspaper; 
Mock Trial; NHS; Lacrosse 
Memories : "Bro Nights" to 
various restaurants with the 
crew, film projects for Ms. 0, 
great times with the CC team, 
Mr. Carey's AP History class, 
the trip to Greece and Italy, 
early mornings with my 
Drosophila, and life, 
laughter, and love with 
Rebecca P. 


William H. Doherty IV 

Heather R. Donoghue 

22 Locke Road 
School Activities : Band; 
Winter Percussion; Science 
League; Math League 
IVIemories : From AP chem 
and physics, to the many 
hours spent marching around 
the senior parking lot, to 
working stage crew for the 
musicals, and everyone I've 
met throughout the years, the 

past four years have 
been unforgettable. It's 
hard to believe its 
already over 

8 Patten Road 

School Activities : DECA; Peer 

Memories : Sally Gould Dance 
Center, Landry's Homeroom, 
Mag's Class, Homes for Our 
Troops, Proms, Europe 2010, 
ICDC Orlando. Thanks to my 
amazing friends for the 
unforgettable memories the 
past four years. Love you 

Mom, Dad, and Ally. 

Good Luck Class of 
■ 2012! 

Bianca N. Doone 

Margaret R. Doucette 

1 9 Sachem Street 
School Activities : Marching 
Band 1-4; Winter Percussion 
2-4; French Club 4 
Memories : Performing at 
SPAC and Talent Shows. 
Field Trips. D block band 
class. A lunch at the band 
table. The cookies. All my 
friends. The best 4 years of 
my life. "Learn from 

yesterday. Live for 

1 today. Hope for 

I tomorrow." 


School Activities: Drama 

Club; Chamber Singers; 
A Cappella; Chorus 
Memories : Every moment 
ever spent on stage working 
with the most unique and 
talented group of people I'll 
ever know. Question of the 
Day with Ms. Bergeron, My 
first kiss, always and forever 
K. Robinson 

Jake M. Douglass 

Kyle R. Douglass 


Emily B. Dukett 

Meagan A. Dunleavy 


19R Buckingham Drive 
IVlemories : Good times and 
parties in liomeroom 3208! 

Dylan L. Edmonds 


8 Fredickson Road 
IVlemories : Hanging out in 
Ms. Bonaiuto's office, at Igo's 
and my garage. 

Timothy M. Eikenberry 


School Activities : Swimming; 
Tennis; Chamber Singers; 
A Capella; Winter Percussion. 
Memories : "sPaR cHanJ," 
macdeath, frankenfame, "pretty 
good swimmer for a hockey 
player," "mah brothah," 
bottomfeeding senior year, 
don't mix my food 

John F. Eldridge 

P. Ellis 

9 Tanglewood Avenue 
Memories : Very solid five 
years filled with Harry Potter 
costumes and pink footy 

Myles H. EIrick 

Ryan M. Enos 


Memories : Because Race 
Car (Todd M.) 

Nicholas R. Evans 

Alexis E. Fallon 

5 Sinclair Street 
School Activities : 
Track & Field 
Memories : One of my favorite 
memories was during my 
Sophomore Semi when I 
finally got to dance with the 
one girl that I really like. 



4 Lilac Road 
School Activities : Future 
Teachers of America; Diversity 
Club; Spanish / Italian Club;NHS 
Memories : Kim S Emily D 
Danielle D in Mr. Defeo's class. 
"What's a Dane Cook?" Ms. 
Lish's table. Mr. Landry's hr 
Library studies w/ Mary O Irini B 
and Jordan B best friends, lunch 

in the pit. Anatomy pig, 

Sj Myah! Mr. Cohen's 

b\ class. Greece & Italy trip, 
' 6/11 Ms. Bishop! 


k ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 

Ashley M. Ferreira ■ Mariana F. Ferreira 



10 Pinerhust A 
School Acti 

Memories : Lawye 
conventions in the basemen 
PH crew together sin 
grade. All the good 
football with the boy 
many memories with th 
friends B Thomp 
Crowley, A. 
Chiccarelli , S Weeks, 
J Morris, N Laspada E 
Logan, W Ricard, and 
B Ramirez 

Michael A. Flynn 


13 Meade Road 

School Activities: Basketball; 

Myah E. Folland 

108 High Street 
Memories : Being in Peer Role 
Modeling with Mr. Strunk, 
Mrs. Sargeant and Mrs. 
Bagrud. All the kids made my 
day a whole lot better and I 
wish I had taken that class 
every year. Every time I left I 
had a smile on my face! 

Brittany W. Pone 

B. Fone 
Treble Cove Road 
School Activities: 

Soccer, Manager ; Hockey, 
Manager; Yearbook 
Memories : Walking the halls 
w/Rhiannon before class, 
entertainment in physics w/ 
Alycia C. &Emily, homeroom 
w/Mariana, Brittany, Myah & 
Michelle, Mrs. P's F block 
Spanish junior year w/ 
Nayiri & Lizzy D, long 
convos w/Casey to the 
old building & being 
obnoxious w/Monica Z. ■ 


Meghan A. Francioso 

Meg Fran 

40 Hamilton Avenue 
School Activities: Lacrosse 

Memories : Baking cookies 
upstairs all day with Cass 
without an oven, Lacrosse 
with my girls ohana forever <3 

Timothy A. Fraser 

15 Chatham Road 
School Activities : Golf 1-4; 


Memories : 18.The Goonch; 
Jesus;Get Another.. .;Kriffs 
Backpack; The Dungeon; 
James Collins;Hunter;Finding 
Nemo withKriff; Dumbo; 
Roberts; Sev; ISWheeler; 

wallet;Roulics huge 
muscles;Golf team #1 
public school in the 
state i'll never forget 
you guys! 

Brittany L. Frederick 


10 Otter Circle 
School Activities : Cross 
Country; Track; Orchestra; 
NHS; Peer Leaders 
Memories : Walden Pond, The 
Van, The Building, The 
Dungeon, "I Work Out", The 
Sombrero, Freshie Five, The 
Seal, Disney Movies, 
Homeroom, Wolf Pack, Time 
With Friends, Car 
Rides, English & 
Sociology, French, ^ 
Taboo, Meets at Reggie i 
& Summer Practices. 

Arthur J. Fulgoni 


20 Simonds Farm Road 
School Activities : Track; 
Tennis; Science League, 
Italian Club; NHS 
Memories : MacDeath, 
FrankenFame, Shakeweight, 
SpongeBob ref. IODINE! Gary 
Oak Theme, Dsolz Shirt 
Wednesdays, and Bro Nights 
with Beefmaster Elk, Patman, 
Kevin D, One-Hip Hill, Dsolz, 
Jay (Rajet), Sanchez, Stoffs, 
Joe H, Matt H, Matty G, Band 
Kids, and Wrestling Kids 

IVIatthew G. Gallant 

Matty G 

9 Handel Road 

School Activities: NHS: Math 

League; Science League; 

Memories :Great times with 
Masuzyo M, David S, 
Thorsten D, Brian M, Artie F, 
Dan H, and many other 
friends. Amazing teachers, 
especially Mr. Cohen. 
Learning many useful 
subjects. Helping out the 
community. Overall just 
enjoying great moments and 

Gedelyn B. Gamble 


Memories : Chiillin in Ms. B's 
office, green in Ms. Foley's 
class freshman year with 
Nessa, all the crazy parties 
and funny times with friends, 
SACCOOO! And we can't 
forget scheming, BUH 


Kelly J. Gedick 

Melissa J. Gedick 


10 Lupine Lane 
School Activities : Lacrosse 
IVIemories : Tom D always 
found a way to keep me 
smiling, even on a bad day. 
hanging out in Ms.B's her 
always telling me to put on my 
"big girl pants" 4yrs in Mr. 
Caldwells hr arguing w him 
about something & 
I Being the loudest 
person in the hall w my 
friends. I made my time 
at BIVIHS as fun & 
exciting as i could! 


10 Lupine Lane 
Memories : Joyce C & Kelly G 
lool<ing for Tom D or his "evil 
twin" to keep us entertained, 
ill never forget the fours years 
i spent in Mr. Caldwells 
homeroom and keeping 
everyone entertained with 
what ever it was we were 
arguing about that day. Ms. 
B's office " senior drop 
in center" "get a pair of \fi 
big girl pants and deal ' 

with it" cant wait to 1 k 
leave i know I'll miss it '> ^ 


9 Baldwin 
Activities: Laci 

Memories : Being with 
best girls, 
Rica.OHANA, York beac 
with keik, Stantons mat 
class, night before pep 
rallies,sporting events, 
weekends causing chaos,TP, 
friends and you 
forever<3 ^_ 

Christopher Giordano 

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Paige Globus 

Jason Grace 

28 Wyman Road 
School Activities: 

Memories : Cheerleading, 
being captain, fires, friends, 
team bonding, parties, football 
and basketball games, B 

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'ss skdl;fk s;dlfk s;dlk 
f;sldkfsl;dkfsdl;k sdklfj 
sidkjf Iskdjf Iskdj fl;ksdj 
f;sdjkfl; skdl;fk s;dlfk 
s;dlkf;sldkfsl;dk fsdl;k 


Raymond D. Hamilton 


1 5 Woodside Road 
Memories : Chillzone runs, 
Fresh City, Ms. O'Donnell's D 
block class, Macbeth movie 
project, library in the morning 
with Erika N and Julie T, 
driving to school with Taylor 
T, Cross Country, pasta 
parties. Junior Prom, Dunkin' 
729, Carlos, and the chill 

Matthew H. Hart 

Matt Hart 
10 Balmoral Drive 
School Activities : Soccer; 


Memories : Crazy Post 
Season Playoff Run, 
Sleeping, Preseason for 
Soccer, Cicc's class with 
Brandy Ice, Sims Girl, Being 
Condescending with 
Sanchez, Dadam's class, 
Video Projects in Ms. 
O'Donnell's class, Pepperoni 
Calzones, Squinting , Big E in 
accounting. Yeah? 

Daniel C. Hill 


4 Captains Way 
School Activities: Soccer 1-4; 

Wrestling 1- 2; Math League 
2; NHS 3- 4; Italian Club 3-4 
Memories: D1 State 

Semifinals, One-Hip Hill, 
DSolz Shirt Wednesday, Bro 
Seshes, Elk, L'Arturo, Jay, 
Pat S, Matty G, Joner, Kevin 
D, Beccer, Band kids, No- 
shave November, AP 
Chem Crew, 
Accidempolil Che 
Engineering, Semi and 
Jr. Prom with Caitlin B 

Joseph C. Hill 

Ryan J. Hoffmann 


4 Captains Way 

School Activities : Soccer; 


IVIemories : Going to tlie D1 
North State Semis for soccer, 
Dsolz shirts, Matty G. trolling. 
Super Smash at pasta 
parties, squinting. Yeah?, 
getting cool<s at lunch, 
Becl<enbauer hour, going to 
the Nines after every 
I I playoff win. 

Grady T. Holt 

Emily A. Howe 

149 Lexington Road 
Memories : "A flute without 
holes is not a flute, A donut 
_ JWilhout a hple is a 

Meghan E. Horan 

School Activities: Track 

Graham J. Hughes 

School Activities : Soccer1-4; 


Memories : Late nights at 
Roberts with the goonch. 18!!. 
Spending time with jesus at 
frasers. "RONS HOME!" pre 
pep rally activities at the 
Farrow household. Sectional 
finals for soccer - 1 6 seed 
underdogs. Bus rides home 
after playoff wins are 
unforgettable. Helping — 
Andrew Kriff find ^P". 
Nemo. I quit, ' 


^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^B^^^^^^^^^ 

Corinne A. Huntley ■ Nicholas A. Hussey 


Serena L. Johnson 

Ka\ Riley 

29 Richardson Street 
School Activities : 
Environmental Club; GSA; 
Future Teachers of America; 
Student Government 
IViemories : I remember 
freshmen year English making 
faces at C.Meliek in "Mr. 
DeFayFay's" class. In 
sophmore year, Dr. Dagle's 
love for Pinehurst. 
Junior Year's horrible 
^ aH Spanish class. Senior 
I^H Years Caldwell's class 

that change me as a 
.^21 person completely. 

Sahil S. Kamthewala 

Denise M. Kardosz 

32 Ellingwood Avenue 
School Activities: 

Football 1-2; DECA 2-4 
Memories : Were to begin!! 
Good time in Master Defeo's 
class! F block group junior 
year.-.sorry Meg!! DECA!!! 
Shout out to all my partners 
Bryan, Sean, Heather, Bobby 
and Erin! Great time at states, 
better time at 
nationals!! E.Koles!! 
Caldwell's class! Great 
4 years! 

3 Marlyn Road 
School Activities : Softball 1 ; 
Winter Cheerleading 1; 
Softball 2, Manager 
Memories : DeeDee and SaSa 
adventures, bowling, chillzone 
runs, Beckford's class, game 
nights, semi, prom 

Carolyn E. Kelly 

Justin D. Knickle 

8 Harjean Road 
School Activities : Orchestra 
1-4; Chorus 4; Keyboard 4; 
National Honor Society 3-4 
Memories : Remember Family/ 
Friends/Teachers: Mom, Dad 
and Brendan, Rusty, 
Rebecca, Ms. Cardella, Mrs. 

Hillson, Ms. Barbour, Ms. 
Martiniello King Stag/Dracula 
Plays, "Don't Stop Believin" 
Canobie Lake Park 

Andrew P. Kriff 


24 Mason Avenue 
School Activities : Soccer1-4;, 
DECA; Basl<etball 1 
Memories :18.Sev,Roberts 
house, the Goonch.Fish don't 
fly.Finding Nemo.Ron 
Burgundy.Slice of bread,"the 
juniors", Scop stories, late 
night xbox, Farrows for 
peprally, Fanasty sports.the 
Collins family(Norris, 
I James, and Hunter), 
TRIFECTA, and fun 
times with the soccer 
J team. Gunna miss 
' everybody 

Safiya I. Lahlaf 

23 McGinness Way) 
School Activities : Track;; 
Amnesty IntI; French Glub;i 
Writing Center; NHS; Peeri 
Leader; Math League; KMOj 
Memories : Memories that: 
stand out to me are: fun timesj 
with Caitlin B. and Jen D.,; 
Frangais avec Madame, Lisa 
P, convincing me to tal<e fine 
arts, and breeding flies with 
Vicky B, Also, thanks 
to my family, friends, 
and all the great 
teachers I have had 
here at BMHS. 

Emily M. Koles 


21 Lindsay Road 

School Activities : Basketball; 

Volleyball; Softball; Italian 

Club; National Honor Society 

Memories : Bestfriends- love 

you all! Vballgirls: carwars& 


p ri ncesspatty&3h rpractices, 

York w/ C.Huntley.Twinny 

Irish, Annas runs,The Civ, 

PLL Crew.Girls' Nights, 
Slumbers® Soups, 
Bfast® Chickys, Xmas 
w/Kmurph; Family- 
thanks for everything! 


Sam A. Lamothe 

Eric J. Larso 


25 Hattie 
School Activities: D 

IVIemories: All of 

success I have been thn 

with the dream team at 
and nationals. Orland 
the rest of the team m 

new friends and having gre 
experiences. All of the ne 

friends I've made through the 
years who I hope to stay 

close with in the future 

Nicholas J. LaSpada 


28 Ironwood Street 
School Activities : Football 1-4; 
Baseball 1 -4; School 
Ambassador; NHS 
Memories : The Alamo with 
Arthur. Cape with Cache. .If 
you're not Bert, no one in the 
USA is Bert! Herrr-berrrt get 
over! Chedda bites always be 
remembered. It comes down 
to studying over the 
weekend with a couple 
of lawyers and the 
Pope. Stay strong, L'il 

Megan B. Lenane 

Rachel L. Lightner 

1 Bayberry Lane 
School Activities: Cross 

Country; Track; Orchestra; 
Peer Leaders; AV Club 
Memories: freshie five. 

dungeon, outdoor 
track,panera bread, the van, 
veterans park, bernie, walden, 
thank you orchestra demon, I 



Nikolay E. Liharski 


567 Middlesex Turnpike 
Scliool Activities : Marching 
Band; Volleyball; NHS; 
Science League; Math 
League; French Club 
Memories : Bus rides home 
from competitions, "My 
finger!", solos, bomb threats, 
MacDeath, Pot Roast, 
"Goombal", Jug Band high 
life, SPAC glory, Sax Appeal, 
"Madame!", AP Chem 
madness, Florida trips, 
trolling, 99's visits, benefit 
shows, late nights, and too 
much more! 

Denzel T. Livingston 


Jake A. Loureiro 

Michelle E. Lowder 

Captain Clutch 
25 Rosewood Avenue 
School Activities : 
Wrestling 2-4 

Memories : I will miss a lot of 
things, but nothing as much 
as I will miss the wrestling 
team. Ever since my 
bestfriend Jon G. got me into 
sophomore year, I have made 
so many friends and now I 
have so many kids that 
I love as brothers and 
can share many 
memories with each 
one of them 

Megan L. MacDonald 


67 Andover Road 
School Activities : 
Environmental Club 1; Tennis 
2; Track 4. 

Memories: Simmards w/Merry, 
MB17- Love you guys, Sam N, 
homeroom corner w/Jullianne 
M and Michelle L, thank you 
Vacations w/Bassett's, the time 
I got with Katt B and the "rock". 
I wouldn't change any of 
it. Here we come, world. 
Class of 201 2<3 

Stephanie L. Lunt 

42 Briarwood Avenue 
School Activities: Lacrosse 



Bryan P. Maga 


222 Baldwin Road 
Memories : working and chillin 
in IVIs. B's office. 

Miranda L. Maguire 

8 Ciiarme Road 

Scliool Activities : Chorus; AWC/ 
Cliamber Singers 2-4; 
ACappella 4; Fall Play 1-4; 
Drama Club 2-4; Musical 1-4; 
Future Teachers of America 2-3 
Memories : "the good googles", 
lollygagging, question of the 
day, Jill's tomato, Act 5, Guam, 
Memorial Day adventures, 
Drama Fest prelims, 

.Eisenhower III 

Julianne Manzi 



Jonathan M. Majeski 

Erica L. Marchant 

' ^ 29 Fardon R 

29 Fardon Road 
Memorles :RISK 97H8, 
Shawsheen Wrestling 


Henry R. Marin 

Kaitlyn J. Markola 

Christopher C. IVIartin 

Sarah B. IVIatthews 


5 Beaumont Avenue 
School Activities : Swim Team; 
Softball; Chorus; Creative 
Writing Club 
Memories : History class 
senior year when Jennifer C. 
and Merry S. talking to Ben N. 
and myself. Jennifer C. ended 
up saying something about 
Atheist Churches. It was the 
funniest thing and 
Merry S., Ben N. and I 
haven't let her forget 
about the atheist 
churches ever since. 

Erneston Maurissaint 


31 Treble Cove Road 
Memories : hr 3217 w/ Ms. 
Sic's 1st yr. Mrs. Sweetland & 
Ms. Moody dealing w/ our 
craziness but always being 
there for us Sitting right by 
MEESHs desk w/ crew. I 
could never thank all the 
academic support teachers 
enough. Mr Vigeant 4 being 
^ there. The friendships 

^ ■ I've made and the ones 
<i> I've lost. I would never 

|y - , change any of it for 
wM'f anything. #Swag 

Theresa E. Mayott 

\r>\r\n)r\r\r\ I mr\cs ^ 

9 Ichabod Lane 
School Activities : Writing 
Center; NHS; DECA; 
Creative Writing Club 
Memories : Foreign 
exchange to Italy. Guam! 
Going to the Parker and 
helping out Ms. Archibald's 
first grade class. Pushing 
Vicky B. out to sea. 

Patrick F. McCallum 

William G. Mclnnis 

Andover Road 
ool Activities : Swimming 
Diving; Art Club 
emories : Guam!, "Eye of 
tlie Dragon", Memorial Day 
Adventures, "Study", Ringo, 
Friendly's ciilcken fingers, 
Mira! Mira! Mira!, Greece and 
Italy, Getting lost in 
Lowell. ..twice, Great times 
witli the girls! 

Willy Mac 
22 Bear Hill Road 
School Activities: Football 

Memories : Will never forget 
the Saco trips, THE BARN, 
and BETSY 

Kristine A. McLaughlin 

Thomas R. McLaughlin 

12 Franklin Street 
School Activities : Hockey 
Memories : Early mornings 
with the girls, hanging out with 
Taylor in the business lab and 
helping Liz battle the 

T- Ginge 

78 Pinewood Avenue 
School Activities : Football 1; 
Basketball 1-3; Lacrosse 1-4 
Memories : Going to games, 
getting freaky in the 
lockerroom with the lax team, 
almost dieing in the 
lockerroom after basketball 
practice, parkouring in the 
hallways, and countless 

memories with camo, 
^1 logey, and the EB 
I boys. Do good things. 


Brian C. McLay 

Benjamin J. Melaugh 


17 Champa Road 
School Activities : 
Lacrosse; Hocl<ey 
IVIemories : Chillen at Petes 
with the EB boys 

Corine G. Meliel< 

Katelyn B. Melo 

22 IVIoran Road 
School Activities: Trac 

Debate Club; S 
Government; A 
Memories : Greece&ltaly trip 
summer '11 S.Sprauge 
M.Mills M.MacDonald J.Ellis 
K.Canario "GELATO". Tom 
D=Puff Daddy. Gleason's 
room junior year with M.Mills 
&C.Rockett &our lunch 
dates with MrsMinal<er. 
L. Maloney. Mrs Vera 
Hough, best art 


60 Charme Road 
Memories : K. Brooks and T. 
Turkette, I'll never feel a love 
like yours. Transforming math 
worksheets into 
masterpieces. The little 
things. Temet nosce, more 
and more everyday. Blank 

Aline F. Mendes 

Gregory R. Micalizzi 

63 Outlook Road | 
School Activities : Writing | 
Center ] 
Memories : My favorite 
memory hanging out with \ 
Katie, Sarah and Valentina, ' 
thank you for being there for \ 
me when I needed, you guys | 
are the best! Thanks to my ] 
family for all the support and ; 
for my fiance for being such \ 
an amazing person, 

rand last I would like to \ 
thank God for giving 
me the opportunity of \ 
living in this country 

39 Queensland Road 
School Activities : Boys Cross 

Memories : SPAC, Costa Rica 
Trip, Mr. BMHS, Chipolte 
runs, football games. Spirit 
Week, pep rally, endless 
boneless wings at Hooters, 
Robby T.'s party 

w ^ 


Meredith A. Mills 


50 Andover Road 
School Activities : 
Environmental Club; Student 

Memories: Greece & Italy 
201 1 w/ Megan M, Corine 0, 
John E, Sam S, and Katelyn 
0, Plant surgery with 
Mr. Malloy, Lunch dates w/ 
Corine C, Chanda R, &Mrs. 
Minaker, Intense 
conversation w/ 
Gleason in English 
w/ Corine C, midnight 
trips to Simards w/ 
Megan Mac. 

Erick N. Montenegro 

School Activities : Soccer 
Memories : First, thanks to 
God for permitting me to pass 
through this and thanks to my 
parents for being there for 
me. Thanks to my teachers 
for helping me when I 
needed. Thank you 

Zachary M. Mooney 


12 Governor Endicott Road 
School Activities : Drama; 
Chamber Singers; Poparazzi; 
Stiidfint Rndv Rnvernment. 


Casi Mooney 

12 Governor Hutchinson Road 
Memories : I will never forget 
all the wonderful times that I 
had in Homeroom. It was 
easily the best part of the day, 
every year. Nothing could 
beat it. Homeroom was one of 
the things that made school 
actually fun. ..even if it was 
only for a short amount of 


Jake V. Morris 

Christina J. iVIorrison 

74 Cook Street 

School Activities : Hockey; 


Memories : Pasta parties with 
the boys, Hanging at Arthur's, 
18, IVIillion dollar idea with 
Jack Jenkins, hockey locker 
room I 

9 Pondover Road 
IVIemories : Love my girls <3 J 
Pope TCBIN it 24/7. Phil Yeo 
math budds for life 4 years 
strong! Mike shannon you 
know how we do :) 
Young, Wild, & Free. Connor 
Toscano. Always in My heart 
<3_Wish you were hear with 

Crystal E. Morrison 

Sarali D. Morrison 


9 Pondover Road 
Memories: I wouldnt have 

made it through high school 
with out Ms.Holleman and 
Ms.Sprauge who were always 
there when i needed a mid 
day snack! jpope is my main 
girl and math wouldnt be the 
same without her! I leave my 
locker and lunch tabel that 
was always filled with __ 
laughs and memories 4| 
to the new freshmen to , ^ 
build new memories! ^ ' 
201 2<3 


21 River Street 
School Activities : 
Environmental Club; Future 

Memories : Freshman bio, 
child growth, lunch 
conversations, disappearing 
homeroom, Ms. O'Donnell, in 
the jungle, Mickey mouse, 
stars, pink cupcakes, fetal pig, 
__ two minutes, crowded 
hallways, pep rallies, 
' C. Townsend, and all 
K< my truly amazing and 
supportive friends. 

Mary Betli A. Morrissey 

Mary Jo K. Morrissey 


29 Governor Peabody Road 
Memories : were having the 
best four years with 
Desiree.W, Tasha.R, 
Brianna.M, Alexis. B. 
leave the senior Hallways to 
my dear friend Robert.Y. I 
Loved Mr.BMHS and all the 
Talent shows. 
Great Job BMHS! Keep it 
going Best memories in 
Ms.Moodys. Thanks for a 
great four years. 


Shawn M. Morrissey 

Robert F. Moshella 

45 Whittier Roa 
School Activities: Marchin 

Band 1-4; Science League 
1-4; Musical 1-4; SPAC 1 
IVlemories : It's been 4 y 
awesome, what witi 
(NESBA champs 2 yea 
row!), Friday night footba 
and Nines, science league, 
stage crew FTW! (PS, find the 
trap door- gifts await you), 
and SPAC (Beats, 
Ababwa, Director?!)... 
Carry on the legacy 



5 Elizabeth Road 
School Activities : Cheerleading 
Memories : Canada & Myrtle 
Beach w/the 3 amigos, Italy w/ 
Alex, Cheerleading "sup 
ladies", Florida w/ my girls, 
Tuxbury Pond, volleyball & 
bouncy houses, Prom w/ 
Byron, McKayla D loves my 
mom, Al's cottage, under the 
stars w/ al, maga, & pookie, 
talks w/ Justin B & Kyle C, 
Jammin w/ Cassie C, out the 
window w/ K.Brooks, Clubbin 
with Kat J, Katie M, Snapz & 
Al. Fuegos, fireworks, crazy 
nights with Steph & Vinny F 

Veronica L. Murray 

14 Good Street /35 Doe Drive 
School Activities : Soccer; 
Tennis; Spanish Club; NHS 
Memories : Spanish Club, 
soccer practice, and labs in W 
Cohen's class. Stay pretty 
tennis girls! Love ya Becca, 



School Activities : Soccer 1-4; 
Basketball 1-2; Lacrosse 1-4; 

Track 4 

Memories : Singing everyday 
and Christmas with Emily K. 
Making it through 5 years of 
math with Corinne H. Back of 
the bus & Lee with Gina C. 
P.Fams "chocolate is my 


Ashley N. Napolitano 

Samantha J. Napolitano 

Memories : My best friend 
Jenna Marie, Summers in 
OOB, Making history with C- 
Money, and of course, My 
Lakeside crew. I would have 
made it nowhere without my 
friends. We've created so 
many memories that will last a 
lifetime. You only live once. 

Elizabeth C. Norman 


School Activities : Cross 
Country; Winter Track; Spring 
Track; Future Teachers 
Memories : My High School 
memories are all the B block 
studies in Ms.Moody's class 
with Ernie M, all the G block 
studies in Ms.Moody's with 
Jen P, Ashley L, Jordan R, 
and Caitlin C, all the track/ 
cross country meets/ 
practices, and lastly the first 
three years with Steph W 


Benjamin A. Nye 

Mary B 

20 Heritage Road 
School Activities: 

Cross Country; Winter Track; 

Spring Track; NHS 
Memories : Freshy Five, long 
runs at Walden, the Van, the 
Dungeon, the Building, the 
Sombrero, blue crayon, we 
can only hope, Oliver, panera 
trips, pasta parties, eye 
communicating, yeah girl, tie 
dying, dance parties, I __ 
work out. I 



Anna V. Olson 

k A 

Ashley J. Olson 

Casey M. Overton 


26 Woodcliff Drive 
Memories : "Twenty years 
from now you will be more 
disappointed by the things 
that you didn't do than by the 
ones you did do. So throw off 
the bowlines. Sail away from 
the safe harbor. Catch the 
trade winds in your sails and 
explore. " Mark Twain 

Mark A. C. Pagkaliwangan 

10 Longfellow Lane 
School Activities : Golf; Winter 
Track; Orchestra; Math 
League; Science League; 

Memories : Asking Rebecca 
Finals what the homework 
was because I never wrote it 
down, trying to be a nice 
person, and being a boss with 
Nikolay L. and Jonah C. 
Haters gon' hate, 
potaters gon' potate. 

Brad Parker 

yiee A. Parsons 

Lisa M. Passanisi 

41 Timbercreek Lane 
School Activities : Newspaper; 
Writing Center; Peer Leaders; 
NHS; Italian Club; Art Club 
Memories : My favorite 
memory from BMHS was 
opening up the DBQ for the 
AP US History exam to 
discover that Nixon was, in 
fact, a big part of the test, and 
then hearing everyone's 

astonished groans and 
, "-'X chuckles that soon 
ki '^ I followed. 

Jay D. Patel 

613 Boston Road 
School Activities : Science 
League; Italian Club; National 
Honors Society 
Memories : Hanging out with 
band kids in the hail, AP 
Chemistry class madness, 
Bro-nights, hanging with D 
Hill, D Solz, Artie F, Tim E, 
Matty G, and Kevin D. 

Matthew D. Pel 

Mans/ P 
School Activities : 
Soccer 1-4 ; Track 1 



Rebecca C. Percuoco 


24 Pratt Street 
School Activities : Soccer; 
Basketball; Softball; Future 
Teachers of America 
Memories : Pasta parties. 
Soccer sleepovers & 
scavenger hunts. Softball 
sophomore year. Princess 
Patty. Parties at Aimee's. Pep 
rally nights. Spirit week. 
Proms. Kels & Aim, 
soul sisters always. 

1^ Best of times, Brandon. 

H"'' Mom, Dad, and John, 
thank you. 

Ashlee E. Perkins 

Jenna M. Perrone 

Michael J. Perrotti 

School Activities : Boys 
Hockey, Manager 
Memories : My absolute best 
friend Ashley Nicole. 
Ashnapz Shanno Cass 
Samnapz my lakeside loves 
forever. Summers in 008 <3 
Eventful weekends with 
Carley G.RedBull. Great 
friends III always remember. 
My manager's "waka waka". 
Jared R's humor and 
the 3250 laughs. 


Bryan H. Peterson 

I Floyd Street 

School Activities : Wrestling 
/lemories : High school was 
jst in general a good time. I 
riade a lot of new friends and 
ixperienced a lot of new 
lings. Now that it's coming to 
in end I realize that there's 
10 one specific memory that 
m going to remember from 
__ these 4 years. It's the 
experience of high 
school that is my 
favorite memory of the 
last 4years. 

Christina M. Petropoulos 

15 Christina Avenue 
School Activities: Lacrosse 


Rebecca L. Finals 

37 Dudley Road 
School Activities : Orchestra; 
Tennis; Math League; 
Amnesty Intl. 

IVlemories : SPAC 201 1 and 


Kristen E. Pustizzi 


10 Ichabod Lane 
School Activities : Cross 
Country; Winter Track; Spring 
Track; Advanced Women's 
Clioir; Chorus 
Memories : pasta parties w/ 
my team, spirit week I'll never 
forget about penny war. semi 
and junior prom were so 
much fun! cast parties for the 
musical & the 
scavenger hunt. 
Harlem superstars was 
fun. food fight freshman 
year at lunch. 

Paulo N. T. Raye 

18 Mckenna Drive 
School Activities : Soccer; 

Memories : I will never forget 
our 201 1 soccer season. A 
remarkable post season going 
to the north sectional finals to 
make history. Also the 
wrestling team and coaches 
which were like a family to 
me. i really going to miss the 
games and meets specially 
against Chelmsford. Special 
thanks for Ms. Jacobs. 

Jacob S. Rayner 

Haley M. Regal 


90R Gray Street 
School Activities : Baseball; 


Memories : Homes For Our 
Troops. Study group at 
Arthur's house, Cards with the 
boys, Northeast with Flynn, "I 
believe" with J.Roy, Anna's 
trips with Crosson, Shayna of 
course, and driving around 
with Bmoney and Mac. 

68 Woodland Road 
Memories : Homeroom 3243 
with Mr. Black, all four years 
of SPAC, meeting new 
people, doing new things, it's 
been a good four years. 

Sean J. Reinold 

4 Griffin Circle 
School Activities : Freshman 
Football; DECA 
Memories : Attending the 
DECA nationals event at 
Orlando, Florida last May. It 
was a great week away with 
all my friends in DECA who 
had qualified to compete in 
the national conference. We 
got to visit all the theme 
parks, enjoy ourselves, 
and just relax well 
doing something we 
loved to do. It was a 
great time and I'll never 
forget it! 

William M. Ricard 

N. Riley 

10 Horton Lane 
School Activities : Football; 
Basketball; Baseball 
Memories : Driving Mrs.Caliri 
and coach Fall crazy. Coach 
Flynns crazy sayings and 
speeches and keeping my 
nose to the grind stone with 
the boys from football and 


46 Bedford Street 
School Activities : Softball; 
Newspaper; Swimming 
Memories : My old car 
breaking down in the middle 
of Good Street while 
everyone's trying to 
leave. .right before softball 
tryouts. And of course 
Beckford's C block class 


Tayla E. Robichaud 

Asia C. Robinson 


79 Partridge Road 
School Activities : 
Swimming; GSA 
IVIemories : IVIemories of 
walking into GSA with open 
arms.One: We are the 
Indians. Two: a little bit louder 
three: i still cant hear you 
Four: more more more 
Anthony, Anthony we like 
cops. Say I'm so 
psyched! I 


Sycamore Lane 
Memories : Although I haven't 
been here long, I must admit 
that I have had good times by 
meeting tons of new friends. 
The teachers were very kind 
and welcoming. I'm happy to 
have ended my senior year 
with such amazing people. 
Go Seniors 2012. 

Meaghan J. Rociie 

14 Sergi Lane 

Memories: Team Domination. 

Being the lucky one. Baby M. 
Canfield's first steps. 
Stephanie L's sound effects, 
you're my number one, crazy! 
Every car's a dance party. My 
irreplaceable, fun girls, that 
group and chant lives on 
forever, hands up. , 


20 Champa Road 
Memories : First day of 
freshman year. So much has 
changed and I'm ready to 

Cameron M. 

13 Matthew Road 
Memories : Special Olympics 
Equestrian, Swimming and 
Tracl<&Field; Sister Friend 
4ever Morgan, fun at Leisure 
Club, LifeLinl<s, in Rm. 1224. 
Thanx to my teachers, staff & 
peers that helped me. Thanx 
family for protecting, trusting, 
helping & loving me for 19 

Jared M. Roy 

Chester Original 
35 Concord Road 
Memories : Ms. O'donnell 
&always saying, "Whats good 
girl?" to her in the hallway 
Mr. Carroll & his hair which 
he spikes in the front, Artie's 
Saturday night bool< club, 
learning about aerodynamics 
while playing cornhole, library 
study group, New Years Eve 
study party ('10, '11), wicked 
bunting while reading 
Shakespeare right fast, 
lelmsford vs. Billerica 
key games 

Kelsey M. Ruffing 


38 Russet Road 
School Activities : Softball; 
Winter Track; Future 
Teachers; NHS 
Memories : Pep rally 
sleepovers; Homeroom 
parties and Song of the Day; 
Winters in the dungeon with 
the "Brooke" shot; Softball 
long runs; the Quad; Parties 
at Aimee's; Hey Soul 
Sisters - best friends ^ 

w ^ 

Tasha T. Rush 

Rachael E. Ryan 


Fahra-Cecilia S. Sako 

Brianna M. Salani 

Kenmar Drive Apt. 15 
chool Activities : Peer 
IVlediation; Community 
Service Club; Anti-Bullying 
Club; Volleyball; Chemistry 

Memories : lunch time, house 
office volunteer, homeroom 


427 Boston Road 
Memories : taco day with 
michelle and kayleel My 
lovely homeroom that decided 
we finally wanted to bond 
senior year, thanks to 
Sanchez... getting fresh 
stamps from ernie. ASG! and 
of course, star power. 

Kassandra A. Salisbury 

Christopher L. Sanchez 

5 Judy Street 
School Activities: Soccer; 

Volleyball; Basketball- 
Science League 
Memories : half court buzzer- 
beater, upsetting number one 
seed in state tournament, 
Beckenbauer Hour, Bro 
Seshes, homeroom, Song of 
The Day, Claire, being 
condescending with Matt Hart 


School Activities: NHS; 

Softball; Swimming 
Memories : B Block with 
Meghan & Gigil "No Complain 
Days," Soul Sisters, Song of 
the day, Anthony, Moth Balls, 
Study Parties, Awesome 
Pizzas, Woodrow Wilson, 
Cape Cod, I am a Lupie, Toe 


Laura A 

School Activities : Winter 
Track 2-4; Spring Track 1-4 
IVIemories : Many memories in 
tine dungeon with the track 
team. Mr. Landry's hilarious 
comments in psych will be 
difficult to forget! Nothing like 
crazy studies with Lexis Fl 
Dynamic Duo owning every 
meet, good times 
Steph W, eeeee! Peggy! 
Good luck next year. 

David J. Saulnier 

Eric R. Scrofano 

Matthew J. Shannon 


School Activities : 
Basketball 1-4; DECA 
Memories : Pasta parties with 
the boys, line drills, "18", 
beach days, nines, "huneds", 
"david one moment please", 
"bread", "B Deeing", "scop", 
"goonch", "yuah", "nmjcuuu", 
"the sack", Roberts, yogurt, 
puss in boots, Frawl kingdom, 

"take a video", 

basketball team- love 
you boys #1 1 

Valentina S. Shubina 


Cameron M. Slatton 


2 Bonnie Lane 
School Activities : Football; 

Memories : Super Smashin 
with the bros, sand storm and 
fist pumping after every "W" 
Crazy times with Tommy M. 
that wont be forgotten, along 
with Irreplacable memories 
with Stephanie L. who both 
happen to rep the River 
Pines, and of course, 
Ij the study parties. 

Alexander P. Smith 

School Activities : 
Soccer; DECA 
Memories : Soccer state 
tournament D1 North finals, 
"Do they know?" , Getting 
huge with Stoffs, Homeroom 
drama, Pasta parties and the 
Nines, Simard's with the 
movie crew » 

Michelle A. Soloski 

School Activities : Basketball; 
Future Teachers of America 
Memories : El cafe in Spanish, 
story time during homeroom, 
my mejor amiga Kelly Young, 
internship lunches, the 
basketball girls, pasta parties, 
unforgettable times with my 
girls, car rides, Boston, 
football games, oh and you 
can't forget about meeting 
CHARA!!! Love you 
. j girls forever<3 

Daniel J. Soly 

Spring Track & Field 
Memories : Fun times with the 
football team. Sam S's funny 
stories in homeroom. Stains! 
haha good times. 

8 Casey Road 
School Activities: DECA: 

Science League; Italian Club 
Memories : DECA nationals 
201 1 , Bro Nights, and Dsolz- 
shirt Wednesday 


Matthew F. Souza 


School Activities : Band 1 -4; 
Winter Percussion 3-4; 

NHS 3-4 

IVIemories : Football games 
and the 99. NESBA 
competitions and singing on 
the band bus. The Florida 
trip, especially the roller 
coaster. My environmental 
science project. Ultimate 
Frisbee _ 

Kimberly A. Spinale 


4 Otter Circle 

School Activities: Future 

Teachers of America 
Memories : I'll never forget 
the memories made with my 
dance girls, inside jol<es at 
lunch, conversations during 
child growth, prom, and 
having the time of my life with 
the best of friends! 

Samantha K. Sprague 

Christopher M. Sprinsky 


24 Pages Court 
School Activities : Cross 
Country; Winter Track; 

Memories: homeroom corner . 

13 Bayberry Lane 
School Activities: 

Newspaper, Editor 
Memories : It's been nothing 
but laughs w/ my best friend 
Brian M. He kept me sane 
these last four years. I've met 
many people that I'll never 
forget. Coming to school after 
the Boston Bruins winning the 
Stanley Cup & the 
feeling in the air was lik 
Christmas. BMHS ha 
been a nice home to me 
for the last four years, 
but it is time to leave the 
nest. Peace! 


ert J. H. Stanton 


School Activities : Drama 
Club; Chamber Singers; 
Advanced Woman's Choir 
Memories : crazy production 
weeks for plays and musicals, 
hanging out with my friends 
on the weekend, amazing 
trips to the U.K., and fun 
drama competitions 

34 Elsie Ave 

School Activities : Soccer1-3; 
Winter Track & Field 3-4; 
Spring Track & Field 3-4 
Memories : Caldwell yelling at 
Fahra for being late every day 
and not doing her reading, 
lifting every day in track and 
competing for the number two 


Brianna L. Starr 


School Activites : Chorus; 
Advanced Women's Choir; 
Jjjj^^^ Drama Club; Future Teachers 

of America; Italian Club 
Memories : Getting lost, a lot. 
Midterms, Finals. Meeting the 
best people, meeting the 
^I^H^P worst. Pointless Drama. 

^^^^■L _ Stressful work. La Befana. 

^^^^^B^/t -^ttt ^^^^^V ^nd the Beast. Pep 
'W^^W '" SB Rallies. SPAC. 

Hailey A. Stimpson 

Brandon M. Stoffers 


10 Cinnamon Drive 
School Activities : Soccer; 

DECA; Newspaper 
Memories : Amazing State 
Tournament run, Pasta 
parties with the team, Placing 
1st at states for DECA; Top 
16 in the world, Mr. Cicc's 
class sophmore year with 
Matty Ice, Getting big with 

Smitty, and 3 
unforgettable years 
with the best girl and 
my best friend Becky. 

Nicole L. Sullivan 

Patrick P. Sullivan 


School Activities : Science 
League; Debate Club; Stage 
Crew; Chess Team 
Memories : I remember spar 
chanj, singing of stoves. I 
remember Cheryl, Velma, 
pencils, one hipped hobos 
and Batman's shorts. I 
remember shoving war, 
Sharpie death matches and 
becoming less mature. 
You wouldn't 
understand most of 
these references, you 
ain't a nord. 

C. Jay M. Sutton 

54 Elizabeth Road 
School Activities : Marching 
Band; Winter Percussion; 
Volleyball; German Club; 


Memories : Standing around at 
my locker with the guys every 
morning. Homeroom: Pat sure 
loves pencils; Boardman will 
never let him live that down. 
Couldn't get a better corner: 
Tanguay, Sulls, and 
Francis. 4-way 
chopstick games. 
Going to Germany with 

19 Pratt Street 
School Activities : Marctiing 
Band1-4; Volleyball1-4; 
Winter Percussion; 
Science League 1-4 
IVIemories : The endless 
homework nights, the 
numerous band bus rides, the 
glorious bro nights, and most 
importantly the great friends I 
have made along the way. 
Its been great. 
Cool story bro. I S 

Patrick J. Tanguay 

78 Bicknell Road 
School Activities : Marching 
Band; Winter Percussion; 
Science League; Drama 
Memories : Being in a 
championship marching band 
and percussion ensemble, 
doing the musical every 
spring, my favorite class: Mrs. 
Arsenault's honors physics, 
SPAC and of course, having 
the best friends in the 

Robert S. Tedford 

10 Hardwood Drive 
School Activities : Hockey; 

Lacrosse; NHS 
Memories : Going to the 
games with Tim trim, Jack J., 
and Eddie C. Hangin out in 
Eddie's basement. The 
hockey team and all the 
jokes, and celebratin wins in 
the basement. 

Robert D. Tanzillii 


1 Jay Road 

School Activities: Basketball, 

Manager 3-4; Newspaper 3 
Memories : Caldwell and 
Beckford's class. Hosting 
SPAC with Pat, Playing 
football with the guys, making 
Miami Heat jokes with 
Vigeant, Hanging out with 
Coach Dagle during practice, 
Anna's and Hooter's trips in 

Brian V. Tliompson 


School Activities: Football 1-4, 

Captain 4 

Memories : Friday Night 
Lights, Study sessions at 
Arties, 4th of July 201 1 and 
many more great memories. 


Elizabeth J. Thomas 


4 Riverhurst Road Apt. #525 
School Activities : 
Drama Club; Newspaper; 

Writing Center 
Memories : Hanging out with 
some of my best friends. 
Baking cupcakes instead of 
making cards. Disney movie 
days with my pal. Yankee 
Doodle weekend with my 
friends. Some 
interesting classes with 
even more interesting 
people. Drama 
club.. .VIVA LA CREW! 

Julianne R. Tilley 

k A 

Samantha M. Tosto 


Pedro C. 



18 Mckenna Drive 
School Activities : 
Basketball 1-4 
Memories : The basketball 
team pasta parties.Trips to 
Anna's Tanueria. Attendinn 

April M. Trifone 

148 Allen Road 
School Activities : DECA 
Memories : Being A big deal in 
Disney with my oldest and 
best friends Jess B and Alex 
0,as well as meeting two 
more best friends Kellie C and 
Rachel L freshmen year in 
health, and of course being 
with my Al for all of high 

Kira L. Trunfio 

8 Shawnee Circle 
School Activities : Swim Team; 
Lacrosse; Yearbook 
Memories : Lots of Lacrosse 
bruises. Study parties with the 
swim girls, To swim fast. 
Buffalo chicken with Ashley at 
the 9's, What-up Opra crew. 
Nick F's basement, "You lost 
the ketchup". Chill-zones. & 
Homeroom senior year! 

Jessica L. Turinese 


30 Governor Fuller Road 
School Activities : 
Track & Field 
IVIemories : Throwing javelin. 
Glad I didn't make the 
Softball team. Being a 
thrower, made friends, went 
to states, to all - states. Best 
memory, 9/8/1 1 Nick Evans 
asked me to be his girlfriend. 
He asked me to dance 
with him at semi. Nick 
is a one of a kind and I 
couldn't find anyone 
better, I am so happy 
that I met him. 

Holly L. Valente 

Memories : Freshman year 
was a little crazy! haha, but 
other than that I had cool 
teachers and met sooo many 
new people. Sophmore year 
dragged by slow. Junior year 
was the best out of them all! 
Night school crew with 
Kailene, Heather, Eric, and 
Stacks was where it was at :) 
Last, but not least, senior 
year!!! It's getting better with 
everyday that passes & im so 
ready to graduate & get outa 

Shayna L. Vigliotta 

Francis J. M. Villasorda 

Shay Vigz 

56 Basswood Avenue 
School Activities : Lacrosse 
Memories : Welcoming 
newborn Canfield to the 
world. Car rides with Fung. 
Cups of ice from Dunkins with 
Cass. Star powering. The 
Augusta crew, sorry for being 
lazy. Zach H. and his googly 
humor. Yuah. J. Rayner, you 
l<now the deal. Dutes. 

1 3 Kenmar Drive 
Memories : Thanks to my 
family and friends for always 
being there. Kudos to my 
teachers for doing a great job 
during the years that I've 
spent in BMHS. HK 
ARMY-"HHHHH." Shooting 
someone in the face with a 
paintball is the best. 

w ^ 

Scott E. Weeks 

80 Tercentennial Drive 
School Activities : Hockey; 

Memories : Hong Kong, study 
sessions at Arties, minstroms 
at jacky J's, Ponds, Puck 
Games, tea night at eddies, 
Friday nights, dump em out, 
more memories to come < 

ichael J. Wanamaker 




37 Bart Road 
School Activities : Football 1-4; 
Lacrosse 1 -2; Winter Track 3; 
Spring Track 3-4; DECA 4; 

Italian Club 4 
Memories : Coach Carroll 
calling me "Barnie" when I 
had to wrap purple co-flex on 
my cast for Saturday morning 
lacrosse practice. Mr. 
Landry's funny stories, 
Going to Italy, Pep 
rallies, Friday night 


Stephanie P. White 

Desiree B. Will<erson 

7 Pines Road 
School Activities : 
Swimming & Diving; 
Softball; Track and Field 
Memories : The best 
memories I've had were on 
the track, becoming a 
stronger person and thrower. I 
will always remember the 
team I've grown up with. My 
favorite memories 
though are with my 
close friends. I will 
miss the library table, 
and the fun times 

Shawna C. Wilson 

Kelly L. Young 


School Activities : Band; 
Colorguard; Future 
Teachers of America; NHS; 
Student Government 
Memories : El Cafe! in Spanish, 
band kid bus rides, Florida 
trips!, pep rallies, colorguard 
girls, my bestfriends: Cataldo, 
Michelle S. and the girls, 
football games, shaking hand 

warmers, senior year 
homeroom girls, locker ,, 
1011, and so many \j| 
more. No regrets. ,'5 

Michael C. Zammuto 

7 Radcliffe Road 
School Activities : Lacrosse 
Memories : Every Friday and 
Saturday hanging out at 
Arties for our study sessions. 
The things we learned down 
there are unforgettable. And 
for that, thank you Artie, Also, 
I can't forget about Hong- 
Kong for life! Finally Antrim, 
Still leaves me 
speechless. I 

John C. Zorzy Jr. 


37 Pinedale Avenue 
School Activities : Lacrosse 1 
Memories : Hanging out with 
friends, the craziness at lunch 
tables, spending half the day 
in art classes, the race I had 
with Mr. Molloy, some 
w amazing teachers, and 
always being last. 


$009 ^ 

1. Party Rock Anthem 

2. Someone Like You 

3. Moves like Jagger 

^ Music Video 

1. Party Rock Anthem 

2. Firemrork 

^, last Friday Night 



1. Taylor Siifift 

2. lit Wayne 
S. Eminem 

' Movie 

1. Hangover 

2. Ince^ion 


^ Resfaarant 

1. Ninety Nines 

2. Olive Garden 
Ciieesecake Facfory / Anna's 


1. Harry Potter 

2. Turiliglit 
Hunger Oawes 


^ Shorts Team 

1. Bruins 

2. Pafriofe 
Red SoK 

TV Siioiv 

1. Pretty Little Liars 

2. Jersey Sliore 
S> Family Ouy 

Clotliing Line 

1. Nike 

2. Aero^osfal 
S. Abercrombie 




Kristyii Van Arnaiii 
Pat 6urns 

Most Academic 
Saf iya Lahlaf 
Nilcolay Liharsici 

Most Argumentative 
Moe Corbett 

6est litstrmnentalist 
Nicole Cataldo 
Clayton Arroco 


Best Smile 
Meaghan Roche 
Tim Fraser 

Best Laugh 

Kaylee Parsons 

Eric Logan & Tim Jenlcins 

Most Talented 
Moe Corbett 
Zack Mooney 


Alex Doherty 
Sean Reinold 

Most Likely to Sttcceed 
Rebecca Finals 
Nikolay Liharski 


6est Dressed 
Carley Canii 
Ernie Maurissant 


Class Comedians 
Fahra Sal(o 
Josh Capraro 

Most Artistic 
Katy Melo 
John Zorzy 
Jimmy Robichaud 



Class Cottple 
Rebecca Finals 
Kevin Doherty 

Most Mischievous 
Jess Saumann 
Milce Zammuto 

Most School Spirit 
Moe Corbett 
Zack Mooney 

Most Athletic 
6ecky Percuoco 
Nick LaSpada 

Most Unique 
Kelsey DiCicco 
Dave Sauliiier 

Best gyes 
Shayna Vigliotta 
Ray Hamilton 



Class of2013 

V^^H Juniors^^^^Hl 

Emily Catanzano Amanda Cayer Charles Cedrone Jessica Celona Jake Champagne David Chando 

Alison Cote Darian Crawford Michaela Creeden Danielle Cross Matthew Crosson Anthony Croteau 

Niefciolas D~Antuono Justin Damon Anthony Dangora Matthew Darrigo Ariana Dasilva Kevin Dasilva 

Rebecca Dasilva Joshua Davidson Ashley Davis Brendon Dedomenico Kelsey Dedomenico Chad Dellaporta 

Sage Delmonico Cassandra Demogenes Lauren Demoy Mason Deyoung Anthony Diduca Gabrielle Dilemme 


Jessica Dussi 

Gina Eldridge Christina Elliott Michael Erickson 

Victoria Fabiano Sean Farmer 

Michael Hickey Leighann Hodgkins Emily Hommel 

Brian Howe 

Brandie Huffman Stepfianie Hunter 

Maranda Jofinston Shubhankar Josh! Olivia Judson Cfiristine Kardosz Thomas Karis 

Conor Kelly 

Paul Kirchner 

Kaitlyn Kisiel 


Brendan Knickle Alexis Knight Chiara Lamourine 

Sean Landry 


Kara Leclair Kyle Leclair Marrissa Leonard Kimberly Leopold Kayla Leverone Lorraine Lison 

Rachel Marsh Sarah Martell Justin Martineau Alec Mattar Danielle Matthews Garrett Mccarron 



Michelle McCarthy KerrI McCurdy Connor McDonough Kelli McElligott Thomas McFeeley Katie McGinness 

Sarah Mcintosh Samantha McKenzie Melanie McKnight David McLaughlin James McLean Samantha McNamara 

Todd Melvin Jody Mengistab Michael Messina Alan Monaco Heather Moore Jake Morris 

Ashley Napolitano Danielle Nickerson Ryan Nickerson Robert Noetzel Joseph Nordlie 

Siobhan O'Connor SeanO'Neil Erin O'Neill .> DRirrtrfi nmpiiag Amanda ■■ 


Andrew Pangakis 

Nicholas West Denise Wheelden Erika White Lindsay Whiteway Justin Winchell IVlonica Yapoudjian 


Class of 20 1 4 


Alandrea Black Ryan Black Romanuella Blanc Jessica Blaney Jordan Bolarinho Morgan Bosworth 

Charles Bourgeois Samantha Bradley Daniel Brake Connor Breen Kelly Broderick Jessica Brouillette 

Miranda Brovelli Hanna Brown 

Joseph Brunelle Zachory Brunelle Kevin Budiyono Ben Justin Buenavista 

Maria Bukoiemski Briana Burdick Joshua Burke Kayleen Buscemi 

Britni Butler 

Laura Button 

Michael Button 

Erin Callahan Alexandra Campbell Joshua Campbell 

Olivia Canario Megan Canfield 

Michaela Canfield Ashley Cantreil Melissa Cardaleen Joseph Carew Shannon Carroll Jonathan Carvalho 


Demarco Robert Dempsey Nicholas Derosa Jason Derubeis Gregor Dieckow Jason Dimatteo 

Rachael Drab Emily Drinkwater Aislyn Driscoll Cassandra Duhamei Trevor Dumais 

Alison Dunbar 

Kelly Duong 

Alyson Durlin 

Madison Eagan Samantha Edgerly Alison Edwards Michael Eggleston 

Stephen Fulgoni 

Brianna Gately 

Kylie Gelormini Anthony Giacoppo Alexandra Giardina Kelly Gibbs 

Casey Giordano 

Brendon Healey Samantha Healy Mikayla Heckbert 

London Hedly Crimercis Hernandez Timothy Herrick 

Alison Higgins 

Madison Mines 

Meagan Horani 

Ryalf HuBBar^^' Connor Hughes Zachary Hughes 

Benjamin Hull Holly Jarrell Cameron Jaynes Prit Jhaveri Hannah Jin Corey Johnson 

Nikki Jones James Joyce Cheyenne Judd Brittany Kaiter Jessica Keesey Brandon Kelley 

Nicole Laffey Cassidy Lapointe Samantha Larson Tristan Lavalle Alexander Lavertue Cameron Law 

Michael Layton Gianni Lecce Amber Lena Blake Lewis Carly Limoli Hailey Loftin 

Lindsey Moran 

Amber Moreau Nicolette Moriconi 

Elijah Mukiibi 

Kaitlin Mulkerin Christopher Murphy 

t Joseph Pedro 

Edward Stokes Ryan Stumpf Nicole Tanguay Rachel Tedford Amerissa Theofilou Anthony Theriault 

Class of 2015 


Ryan Boermeester Sabrina Boermeester Brendan Bouthillette Barbara Brady Tiffany Brennan 

Lauren Brent 

Johnathan Buletti Nicholas Burke Tayla Burnham Amber Caldwell Lanecya Callahan 

Vim. ^^i 

Elizabeth Capodilupo Jacob Capraro Michayla Carder Shane Carey 

Kevin Carme 


Ashley Casello 

Christopher Casey Kevin Casey 

Shane Casey Meghan Cavalier Meaghan Cavanagh M^mew Cedrone 

Lindsay Chando Anthony Chicco Jonathan Chiros 

Irene Conant 

Daniel Coneeny Bonnie Connell 

Lily Coppinger Mikayla Corcoran 

Draven Couch 

Ivy Coughlin 


Daniel Desilva Ashley Diamont Vanessa Dichiara Nicholas Didonna Cassandra Diduca Emmaleigh Diecidue 

Thomas Gentile Caroline Gillis Megan Giusti Miranda Glatfelter Krystal Gould Casey Graham 


Ronah Kasujja 

Mujahed Kazi 

Lawrence Keegan Joseph Kelleher Ryan Kelleher 

Taylor Kelley 

Nicole Kelly 

Matthew Kennedy Mark Khalife Alexis Khoshabjian Lawrence Kilo 

Nasser Kiragga 

Angela Kirchner 

Nikita Kirik Josephlna Kolpachnlkof Nadia Lahlaf Richard Lamarche Kathryn Laquidara 

Sarah Larsen 

Christian Lees 

Marc Leroux Matthew Levenson Naila Leverett 

Margaret Libby 

onner Lightner Alexandria Limoli Patrick Logue Alycia Longuemare Josh Longuemare Brianna Looney 

Nicholas Lossman Sarina Louro 

Makayla Lowe Cassie Lucaretti Emma Lucidi Roddy Lunceford 


Richard MacDonald Sara MacDonald 

David Kflface 

Ryan Mahaney William Mahoney Tiana Maidonado 

Eric Malone Samantha Mancuso Daniel Manganaro Jacob Mangle Darnell Manning Melissa Manzo 

Natalia Jean McDermott John McElwain Jr Colleen McGonagle Shaela McHugh James McLaughlin Kristen McLeod 


Luke McMenimen 

Ryan McNeil 

Pat Meaney Candace Melanson Gabriela Me^des Marcus Mengistab 

^ iiil^ 

Jordan Mercer William Mercer 

Katie Miele 

Sarah Miklinevich Austin Miranda 

Kaylia Mitchell 


Kristin Smitli 



William Ryan 

Superintendent of Schools 

Dede Galdston 

Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and 

"Have the 
courage to 
follow your 


- W. Ryan to the Class of 2012 

Tim Piwowar 

Assistant Superintendent of Finance and 

Kevin Soraghan 


Pam Bonaiuto 

Assistant Principal, Class of 2012 


Class of 2012, 

I am pleased to once again congratulate you for the 
success each of you achieved while students at Billerica 
Memorial High School. This success recognizes years 
of effort between you, your parents and all faculty with 
whom you had contact throughout your education. 

During your time at BMHS, we sought to provide you 
with the social, academic and thinking skills necessary 
to support your continued growth. As you transition to 
the workplace or institutions of higher education, it is 
hoped that you are able to call upon your experiences 
here to assist in the achievement of your future goals. 
While you enter the next phase of your lives with some 
uncertainty, you need to have confidence that you have 
been well prepared to meet the challenges that await 

You entered BMHS as several individuals each striving 
to achieve your own goals. You leave us as a single 
Cohesive group that came together for 4 years to 
represent BMHS in a wide range of activities. On behalf 
of the entire faculty I congratulate you on what you have 
accomplished and know that there is much more for you 
to do. 

Congratulations and best wishes! 
Kevin Soraghan, Principal 


Debbie Biagiotti 

Assistant Principal, Class of 2013 

Kevin Brooks 

Assistant Principal, Class of 2014 

Barbara Jenkins 

Cathy Jenkins 

Maria Jenkinr, 

Phyllis Jennings 

Ann Johnson 

Deana Kirsch 






Front Row L-R: Joe Hill, Alex Smith, Chris Sanchez, Andrew Ciccariello, Graham Hughes, Brandon 

Stoffers Middle Row L-R: IVIatt Hart, Matt Peltier, Andrew Kriff, Justin Brookings, Ryan 

Santarpio, Daniel Hill, Paulo Raye, Leonardo Trindade, Harrison Fleishman 

Back Row L-R: Coach Vassallo, Nick DeRosa, Kenny Rogers, Brendan Knickle, Dan Trainer, Dan 

O'Brien, Mark Fogerty, Sean Farmer, Scott Arsenault, Peter Melo, Alex Finestone, Brendon 





I j ' ' 

Frnnt Rn 

^ Front Row: Head Coach Peter Flynn, Billy Mclnnis, Justin Fritz, Nick LaSpada, Willie 
Ricard, Brian Thompson, Cam Slatton, Tommy McLaughlin, Matt Shannon, Byron Ramirez. 
Second Row: Joshua Wescott, Chris Soly, Martin Owens, Jason Ferri, Ed Jankowski, Jason 
Grace, Matt Clifford, Steven Trask, Anthony Capalino. Third Row: Coach Jay Dillon, Nick 

D'Antuono, Sean Fitzgerald, Kory Glavin, Brandon Chasse, Dylan Lavery, Bradley Drewek, Charlie 
Cedrone, Mark Duncan Fourth Row: Coach Sean Glavin, Mike Ralphs, Henry Casey, 

Conor Kelly, Chad DellaPorta, Christian Guerrier, Bobby Senesi, Alec Mattar 
Fifth Row: Mike Casey, Paul Kirchner, Eric Eknaian, Eric Noetzel, Luke Sands, Josh Campbell, 
Ryan Porter, Kevin Corkery Sixth Row: Coach Doug gallant, Rob Lowe, Brian Bassett, 

Matt Fone, Nick Scola, Matt Spencer, Steve Fulgoni, Dan Lynch 

Seventh Row: Reuben Sands, Chris Sordello, Chris Murphy, Jordan Bolarinho, Jonathan Sands, 
Sean Cullen, Samir Altenord, Jimmy McLaughlin Eighth Row: Coach Pat Ammendolia, 

Mike Greensmith, Jake Marion, Billy Mercer, Dillon Higgins, P.J. Garmon, Ryan O'Connor, Kaylia 
Mitchell, Shane Casey Back Row: Coach Dan MacKay, Austin Miranda, Danny DeSilva, 

John Smith, Brad Fisher, Kevin Carme, Chris Agyemang, Kevin Casey, John Zafiris, Dan Coneeny 





Front Row: Joey Brunelle, Ryan Jenkins, Mike Roulic, Mike Mulligan, Charlie Bourgeois, Corey 
Johnson, Austin Oliver, Kevin Harris, Nick Fantasia 

Back Row: Coach Joel Jenkins, Denny Clericuzio, Bobby Bourgeois, Stephen Parise, Tim Fraser, 
Jonah Choe, Brandon Kuzmich, Kyle Brunelle, Tom Crowley, Mark Pagkaliwangan, Adam 
iMahrez, Tim Donovan-Ayers, Asst. Coach Caitlin Barry 

slide to unlock 


Boys Track & Field 

=ront Row: Dan Trainor, Robbie Stanton, Parker Bailey, Adam Ocliab, Jonah Choe, Pat Burns, Scott 
\rsenauit, Matthew Shannon, Denzel Livingston, Steven Alves 

!nd Row: Justin Fritz, Stephen Fulgoni, Alex Healey, Peter Garmon, Cameron Aiello,Jake Robinson, 

/ineeth Velmurugan, Kevin Harris, Ulrich Schroth, Prit JhavesI, Alex Silva, Kevin Twombly 

ird Row: William Mahoney, Chris Beaudry, Nick Barbas, Vincent IVIonteforte, Mike Coleman, Jaalen 

'ottle, Draven Couch, Kenny Rogers, Brendan Knickle, Joey Schultz, David Napolitano 

ith Row: Coach Hagan, Coach Hagan, Eric Velazquez, Jeffrey Wallin, Brendan Finnegan, CJ 

■ienson, Christian Guerrier, Alex Finestone, Coach Flood 


Megan Lenane, Stephanie White, 
Meghan Catania, Caitiin Barbas 

Front Row L-R: Jordan Beaudry, Nayiri Ohanian, Melanie Nault, Stephanie White, Laura 
Sargent, Caitiin Barbas, Megan Lenane, Kelsey Ruffing, H/leghan Catania, Elizabeth Norman, 
Brittany Frederick, Katelyn Murphy, Mary O'Brien, Irini Billiri, Megan MacDonald 
2nd Row: Katie Mulkerin, Afrikah Smith, Raabe Rocha, Kayla Rich, Alyssa Oliva, Elizabeth 
Capodilupo, Colleen McGonagle, Isabelle Guerrier, Victoria Banks, Maesha Ulcena, Cairo 
Thompson, Jessica Wilder 

3rd Row: Erika White, Kylie Reardon, Julie Schultz, Jaycie Luke, Christine Kardosz, Jamie Dodd, 
Catrina Longo, Cassie Gorham, Emily Hommell, Sabrina Loureiro, Elizabeth Collins, Sarah Gately 
Back Row: Coach Hagan, Coach Cullen Hagan, Katleyn Sanderson, Allison Carbone, Sarah Nault, 
Nicole Barrett, Megan Finnegan, Erin O'Neill, Emily Hanlon, Courtney Angel, Moriah Aiten Flagg, 
Aislyn Driscoll, Coach Flood 

Front Row: Robby Gambale, Dave Sgroi, Pedro Trindade, Will Ricard, Patrick Bradanese, Daniel 

Back Row: Mike Roulic, Sean Farmer, Nick Baltayan, Elijah Mukiibi, Max Frawley, Zach Florio 
Not pictured-Coach Dagle 


■ I 


Boys Basketball 


Dave Sgroi, Will Ricard, 
Pedro Trindade 





£ f 

I Front Row: Kayla Walsh, Paige Glebus, 

'second Row: Caitlin Sheehan, Brooke Soly, Cassidy Sorenson, Alycia Cullen, Brittany Ratle, 
Jessica Celona, Caitlyn Sclireb, Caitlin Roy, Michela Spicer, Alyssa Vozzella 
Back Row: Samantha Amico, Angela Kirchner, Ally Asher, Megan McDonough, Nicole 
DeChristoforo, Sam Thorne, Nicki Laffey, Megan Lopez 

inter Cheerleading 



Boys Hockey 

Captains ^ 

Artie Raposo, Jack Jenkins f 

Front Row: Bobby Bourgeois, Robert Tedford, Kevin Farrell, Ryan Loranger, IMatthew Culot, Mike 
Erickson, Jake Morris, Nick West, Kyle McFarland 

Back Row: Coach Mike Mastrullo, Russell Tedford, Ben Melaugh, Brandon Kuzmich, Stephen 
Parise, Artie Raposo, Jack Jenkins, Kevin Faria, Thomas Zarro, Conor Kelly, Mark Duncan, Tim 
Jenkins, Asst. Coach Jim Miner, Asst. Coach Phil Loranger 


7 Mi 

Front; Liz Darrigo Front Row: Carissa Gordon, Kelly Broderick, Jess Brouillette, Kelsey 
Bunker, Christie Caliendo, Kris MacLaughlin, Nicole Marley, Kylie Gelormini, Rachiel Peacock, 
Amanda Burns Back Row: Madison DeChristoforo, Macy Vercillini, Ashlie Jones, Brianna 
Burdick, Nicole Amato, Amanda Fantasia, Brooke O'Leary, Sam Ginsburg, Leah Carfagno, Kate 
Piacenza, Coach Paul Doherty 

Girls Hockey 





Kelsey Bunker, Liz Darrigo, 
Kris MacLauglilin, 
Nicole Marley 





Boys Baseball 




■ ^ i\i.i^'(r4 BLi-nc* ai^RCi hl pmr jm fi^i^'Vc timi " 


Front Row: Matt Hart, Andrew Ciccariello, Nick Delmonoco, Andy Cunningham, DJ Smitin, 
Tommy IVlcLaughlin, Cam Slatton, Ben IVIelaugli, Bobby Bourgeois, Bryan Petersen, Jal<e Morris, 
Eddie Janl<owsl<i 

2nd Row: Coach Burrows, Coach Flynn, Mil<e Casey, Dan Trainor, Sean Farmer, Russell Tedford, 
Kevin Farrell, Jason Maniscaico, Harry Fleishman, Danny Lynch, Jon Graham, Coach Vacca, 
Coach Lavery, Coach Gallant 

Bacl< Row: Coach Pinto, Jimmy McLaughlin, Brad Drewek, Sean Fitzgerald, Brandon MacDonald, 
Brian Leclair, Eddie Stokes, Tim Herrick, Coach Melaugh, Trainor Katie Lamb 

Boys Lacrosse 




DJ Smith, Tommy McLaughlin, 
Cam Slatton, Ben Melaugh 



4 '-^ i 



Girls Lacrosse 

Front Row: Kira Trunfio, Michelle Ferola, Kaylee Parsons, Kristyn Van Arnam, Ashley Olson, Katelyn 
Murphy, Rebecca Gillis 

Back Row: Coach Ashley Martell, Emily Hommel, Catrina Longo, Natalie Andreason, 

Jaime Balboni, Caroline Gillis, Jessica Wetzonis, Paige Garabedian, Erin Hatch, Lindsay Whiteway, 

Coach Brittany Whiteway 

Boys Track and Field 

Front Row: Byron Ramirez, Matthew Shannon, Nathan Coates, Robbie Stanton, Josh Wescott, Chris 
Soly, Nicl< Evans, Pat Burns, Adam Ochab, Denzel Livingston 2nd Row: Dan O'Brien (Team 

Manager), Brett Rich, Alex Silva, Christian Guerrier, Chad DellaPorta, Kenny Rogers, Joseph Schultz, 
Kevin Twombly, Ulrich Schroth, RJ Youmans, Alex Finestone, Scott Arsenault, James McLean, 
Brendan Knickle 3rd Row: Head Coach - Matt Flood, Michael Greensmith, Stephen Fulgoni, 

Andrew Pacheco, Connor Hughes, Vineeth Velmurugan, Robert Senesi, Nick Coates, Jeffrey Wallin, 
Kevin Harris, Prit Jhaveri, Matt Kennedy, Russell Santoro, Assistant Coach Cullen Hagan 
Back Row: Assistant Coach Dave Lucia, Brendan Finegan, Nick Barbas, Peter Garmon, Jake 
Robinson, Jaalen Pottle, Joey Quinn, Kelby Yorke, Nilay Patel, Zach Benjamin, Chris Beaudry, 
Assistant Coach Chris Cowan 



Front Row: Artie Fulgoni, Tim Elkenberry, Kevin Doherty, Will Cook, 
IViark Pagkaliwangan 

2nd Row: Nick Burke, Raj Patil, Anthony Dangora, Brendon Dedomenico, 

Nick Josselyn, Coach Govertsen 

Back Row: Andrew Pangakis, Steven Alves, Nate Park 



^ \ 

Mi I 


March 29 - April 1 , 

izard of Oz 





1st Row: Merry Stanton, Mitchell Dimanche, Morgan Cancelliere, 
I^auren Demoy, Ti'na Barry, Margaret Doucette, Miranda Maguire 
2nd Row: Nicole Manetta, Cassandra Corliss, Natalie Porter. 
Meagan Dunleavy, Kourtni Hansen, Olivia Judson, Ashley Dunn, 
Ms. Gilberet 

3rd Row: Maureen Corbett, Julianne Tilley, Zack Mooney, 
Robert Youmans, Anthony DiDuca, Ben Hull, Kara Doherty 
4th Row: Ms. Bergeron, Alex Buchanan, Alec Sennott, 
Matt Harden, Sean McGehee, Corey Farrow, Tim Eikenberry 


1st Row: Maureen Corbett, Ashley Dunn, Merry Stanton, 
Jodi Buoncuore, Alex Patterson, Tiana Mauriello, Ben Hull, 

Ms. Yoniack 

2nd Row: David McLaughlin, Tina Barry, Alex Buchanan, 
Sean McGehee, Lizzie Thomas, Zack Mooney 
3rd Row: Kara Doherty, Corey Farrow, Olivia Judson, 
Lindsey Moran, Matt Barden, Jill Tolan, Christina Bagni 
4th Row: Anthony DiDuca, Sean Davis, Alec Sennott, 
Rob Dempsey, Margaret Doucette, Miranda Maguire, Colin Rugg 



1st Row: Nicole Manetta, Mitchell Dimanche, Lauren Demoy, 
Margaret Doucette, Miranda Maguire, Arianna Kirby 
2nd Row: Cassandra Corliss, Natalie Porter, Olivia Judson, 

Ashley Dunn, Pal-rice 
3rd Row: Julianne Tillcy, Zachary Mooney, Anthony DiDuca, 
Ben Hull, Kara Doherty, Lorraine Lison 
4th Row: Moe Corbett, Alec Sennott, Corey Farrow, 
Tim Eikenbcrry, Ms. Bergeron 





^ Is I 

. ' 

1st: Jonah Choe, Michelle Lowder, Brittany Frederick, Irini Billiri. Caitlin Barbas, Jordan Beaudry, Megan Mahoney, 
Justin Knickle, Nicole Proulx, Rebecca Finals 

2nd: Hannah Jin, Natalie Tremblay, Lara Docarmo, Kelsey Wyatt, Jessica Keesey, Katherine Clark, Laura Button, 
Caitlyn Perry 

3rd: Kayla Arsenault, Christina Bagni, Robert Harrington, Katie Gallagher, Emma Healey, Rebecca Foster, Ivy Coughlin, Kelsey Bennett 
4th: Christina Walker, Afrikah Smith, Emily Ayers, Meaghan Cavanagh, Erica Hart, Jill Tolan, Maeve Mcintosh, 
Sarah Mcintosh 

5th: William Lougee Rodriguez, Vineeth Velmurugan, Ved Pitre, Nick Barbas, MacKenzie Ganier, Danny Richter, 
Steven Alves 

6th: Ms. Cardella, Nathaneal Park, Daniel Proulx, Griffin Winchell, Joseph Orlando, Natalia Jean McDermott 
Missing from photo: Mark Pagkaliwangan, Amanda Lucidi, Chiara Lamourine, Sandra Macko. 


Clubs & Organizations 

1st: Jasmine Bou-Nassif, Jordan DeSousa, Ms. Fredericks, 
Amanda Cayer, Joe Nordlie, Taylor Tedford, Vesselina Tonclieva, 
2nd: Zaineb Abdulmagid, Nadia Lahlaf, Adriana Hugties, Emma 
Oiecidue, Kristyn Van Arnam, Maria Zopes, 
3rd: Katie Laquidara, Kelsey Bennett, Sarali Miklinevich, Aarti Patel, 
Brianna McHugh, Jennifer Dinh, Lisa Passanisi 

1st: Ved Pitre, Megan Mahioney, Nilay Patel, Erica Spector, 
Kelsey Bennett, Emma IHealey 

2nd: Ms. Powers, Mukul Surajiwale, Sean McGehee, Troy 
Cantalupo, Garrett McCarron, Mary Kate McCarron, Natalia 
Jean McDermott 

3rd: Alec Roberts, Miranda Maguire, Jill Tolan, Matt Herrmann, 
Rob Dempsey, Michael Button 


t I 

1st: Alex Patterson, Jen Nice, Kevin Doherty, 
2nd: Katie Fabiano, Lisa Passanisi, Lauren Doherty, 
Lizzie Thomas 

3rd: Alyson Durlin, Amy Comeau, Raj Patil, 
4th: Kayleen Buscemi, Christopher Sprinsky, Brandon Stoffers, 
Mr. Landry 

1st: Arianna Curley, Jacqui Burke, Kristyn Van Arnam, 
Rebecca Gillis 

2nd: Brittany Fone, Victoria Oliva, Kelly Young 

3rd: Ms. Chebook, Stephanie White, Nicole Proulx, Kira Trunfio, 

Michelle Ferola, Ms. daSllva 

Missing from photo: Samm Tosto 


Mr. Ciccarelli, Christina Bagni, Colin Rugg, Ms. Sic 
(Not pictured: Chiara Lamouire, Kerri Fillipone, Klaudia, 
Mike Button) 

1st: Nikolay Liliarski, Jonah Choe, Rebecca Finals, William H 
Doherty IV, Priyank Patel, Ms. Schrader 
2nd: Steven So, Vineeth Velmurugan, William Lougee 
Rodriguez, Daniel Spencer, Raj Patil, Matt Pena 
3rd: Steven Alves, Maranda Johnston, Matty G, Jennifer Dinh, 
Safiya Lahlaf, Kelsey Bennett, Nadia Lahlaf 

1st: Mr. DeFeo, Jasmine Bou-Nassif, Theresa Mayott, Clayton Arroco 1st: Zaineb Abdulmagid, Jen Nice, Nadia Lahlaf, 

2nd: Lizzie Thomas, Taylor Tedford, Danielle Snider, Katyana 2nd: Christina Walker, Vesselina Toncheva, Taylor Tedford, 


Clubs & Organizations 

1st: Julianne Tilley, C. Jay Sutton, Merry Stanton 

2nd: Patrick Tanguay, Nikolay Liharski, Zachary Mooney 

3rd: Rebecca Finals, Jonah Chioe 

1st: Caitlin Barbas, Safiya Latitat, Steptianie Reed, Danielle Snider, 
Emma IHealey, Ms. Jensen 

2nd: Nikolay Liharski, Maranda Johnston, Nadia Lahlaf, Katelyn 
Sanderson, Emily Hommel, Steven Alves 
3rd: Sunny Kapadia, Phoebe Hannon, Nikila Vasudevan, Raj Patil, . " 

4th: Matt Barden, Nathaneal Park, Kevin Doherty IV, Clayton Arroco, 
William Cook * 

1st: Priyank Patel, William Lougee Rodriguez, Matt Pena, 
Daniel Spencer, Danny Richter 

2nd: Ms. Mines, William Cook , Charlie Cedrone, John-Michael Ponte, 

Mary Kate McCarron 

3rd: Tim Donovan-Ayers, Matt Herrmann 

1st : Francis Tainter, Clayton Arroco, Nikolay Liharski, Mr. Cohen 
2nd: Katyana Sheridan, Raj Patil, Aarti Patel, Vishnu Perumal, 
Ashley Casello, Meaghan Cavanagh, Mary Kate McCarron 
3rd: Danielle Snider, Emma Healey, Maranda Johnston, C. Jay 
Sutton, Pat Sullivan, Patrick Tanguay, Arthur Fulgoni, Steven Alves 
4th: Ved Pitre, Richard Macdonald, Nicole Cataldo, Garrett 
McCarron, Shawn Morrissey, Matty G II, Shubhankar Joshi 
5th: Tom Wiggins, Shane Snider, C.J. Khoshabjian, Tim Eikenberry, 
Daniel Soly, Jay Patel, William H Doherty IV 


i\st: Ms. Bujnowski, Vicky Belakhov (President), Aslia 

urzynski, Natalia Jean McDermott, 
'2nd: Katie Gallagher, Kat Jimenez, Emily Gabriel, Amerissa 
Theofilou, Mary Beth Morrissey(not pictured) 

1st: Emily Howe, Jen Nice, Melanie Nault 
2nd: Noelle Fournier, Joe Nordlie, Meghan Kelly, Sean McGehee 
3rd: Kevin Doherty, Tori Fabiano, Valentina Shubina, Ashley 
Anderson, Troy Cantalupo 



- Asha Nurzynski, Stephanie Anastasi, Trevor Dumais, Mr. Molloy, Steve Surprise, Vicky Belakhov 

Jessica Myers, Valerie Siravo, Brandon Moore, Ryan Coleman, Alii Steele, Amber Garside, Hailey Luce, Kristin Selian, Angela M. Wantate, 
J. „ jnny Kapadia, Ashley Anderson, Erica Spector, Nicole Proulx, Erika Nadile, Katelin Angel, Theresa Mayott, Myah Folland, Fahra-Cecilia Sako j 
(Not pictursd: Elisa Paradiso, Ved Pitre, Tiffany Brennan, Christina Itrato, Sara MacDonald) 


Clubs & Organizations 

1st: Mr. Lipsett, Christine Kardosz, Kat Jimenez, Corine Meliek, IVIaureen Corbett, Adam Ochab 
2nd: Maranda Johnston, Jen Nice, Helena Bird, Zachary IVIooney, Kelly Young 
3rd: Rhiannon Tinker, Sarah Gately, Afrikah Smith, Raj Patil, Hannah Jin 
4th: Jeffrey Wallin, Michael May, Kevin Carme, Shubhankar Joshi, Charlie Cedrone 

1st: Melanie Nault, Rebecca Pinals, Caitlin Barbae 
2nd: Ms. Bairos, Pat Burns 

3rd: Nadia Lahlaf, Nick Barbas, Gina Cloutier, Safiya Lahlaf 

1st: Mr. Hagan, Megan Mahoney, Ashley Cunneen, Rebecca 
Pinals, Rachael Drab, Jonah Choe, Ms. Blouin 
2nd: Brittany Frederick, Lisa Passanisi, Safiya Lahlaf, Caitlin 
Barbas, Kevin Farrell 

3rd: Noelle Fournier, Melanie Nault, Zachary Mooney, Tricia Devlin, 
Conor Kelly, Stephanie Ternullo 

4th: Marrissa Leonard, Morgan Bosworth, Courtney Angel, 
Cairo Thompson, Brendan Knickle, Gina Cloutier, Liz Darrigo 


1st Row: Nikolay Liharski, Jennifer Dinh, Megan Celona, 
Maranda Johnston, Bianca Doone 

2nd Row: Caitlin Barbas, Safiya Lahlaf, Madame Bojarski 
3rdRow: Jennifer Couture, Nadia Lalilaf, Zaineb Abdulmagid 

1st: Erika White, Katyana Sheridan, Daniel Hill (President), 

Ms. Groenendyk, Lisa Passanisis (Secretary), Meghan Sampson 

2nd: Michaela Creeden, Catrina Longo, Danielle Nickerson, 

Corinne Huntley, Kristina DeRosier, Emma Diecidue 

3rd: Jay Patel, Anthony Dangora, Andrew Ciccariello, Erika Lynch, 

Vanessa Valerianj, Monica Yapoudjian, Erica Spector 

4th: Arthur Fulgoni, Joshua Wescott, Brandon Stoffers, 

Nicholas DelMonaco, Kelsey DeDomenico 

Not Pictured: Jacqui Burke, Ms. Bibeau 

1st: Veronica Murray, Ms. Piwowar, Ms. Aguilera 
2nd: Dan Kobylinski, Jordan DeSousa, Katie Laquidara, Amy Lynch 
3rd: Erika Nadiie, Thorsten Dieckow, Jasmine Bou-Nassif 


1st: Clayton Arroco, Francis Tainter, C. Jay Sutton, Frau Roper 
2nd: Jeffrey Wallin, Conor Driscoll, Emily Dukett, Patrick Tanguay^j 
Mikayla Heckbert 

3rd: Andrew Clark, William Hopkins, Alec Roberts, 
Meaghan Cavanagh, Kerrie Fazio, Shane Snider 
4th: Michael Eggieston, Patrick McGowan, Trevor Dumais, Angelique| 
Leone, Nathaneal Park, Asha Nurzynski 


Clubs & Organizations 

1st: Kellie Smith, Kaitiyn Markola, Kathryn Regal, Kristyn Van Arnam, Michelle Ferola, Beth Norman, Steve Surprise, Mrs. Lish, 
2nd: Ketsey Ruffing, Liz Darrigo, Kelsey Bunker, Stephanie Ternullo, Tricia Devlin, Christina Petropoulos, Alexis Fallon, Kimberly 
Spinale, Rachael Drab 

3rd: Kaitiyn Threhane,Rebecca Gillis, Jacqui Burke, Kelly Young, Katyana Sheridan, Taylor Tedford, Vesselina Toncheva, Christina 
Walker, Hailey Luce, Samuel Rizzari 

1st: Ms Desmond, Taylor Stanley, Meghan Kelly, Katie Gallagher 

2nd: Amy Comeau, April Munro, C. Jay Sutton 

3rd: Kevin Farrell, Amber Moreau, McKayla Duby, Morgan 


1st: Sunny Kapadia, Ryan Coleman, Alii Steele, Trevor Dumais 
2nd: Asha Nurzynski, Angela M. Wantate, Stephanie Anastasi, 
Brandon Moore, Vicky Belakhov 

3rd: Jessica Myers, Valerie SIravo, Mr. Molloy, Steve (Freddie) 
Surprise, Amber Garside, Hailey Luce, Kristin Selian 
4th: Ashley Anderson, Erica Spector 

(Not pictured: Elisa Paradiso, Ve^ Pitre, Tiffan,y gfjennan, Christina 
itrato, Sara MacDonald) 

Ved Pitr 

f" I ^i^l ill liii I 

Ms. Peters (Advisor), Sarah Gately, Afrikah Smith , IVlichael May, 
Kevin Carme, Mr. Carroll (Advisor) 

Jeffrey Wallin (Secretary), Brool<e Soly (Treasurer), Helena Bird 
(Vice President), Raj Patil (President), Mrs. Schrader (Advisor), 
Not Pictured - Mrs. Hamelin (Advisor) 

Mr. Magliozzi (Advisor), Rhiannon Tinker, Christine Kardosz, 
Miranda Johnson, Charlie Cedrone, Shubhankar Joshi 
Not Pictured - Mrs. Lydon (Advisor) 

Mrs. Tracy (Advisor), Adam Ochab (Vice President), 
Kelly Young (Secretary), Maureen Corbett (Treasurer) 
Zack Mooney (President), Mr. Gleason (Advisor) 


20: 1 2 



1st: Mr. Magliozzi, Conor Driscoll, Daniel Nicholas DiFabio, Thomas Crowley, Artie Raposo, Josh Capraro, Jake Rayner 
2nd: April Trifone, Nicole Marley, Erin Sanderson, Heather Donoghue, Gregory Vincenzo Cedrone, Stephen Parise, Chris Giordano 
3rd: Adam Ochab,Theresa Mayott, Kyle Corkery, Sahil Kamthewala, Andrew Kriff, Brandon Stoffers, Tim Fraser, Kevin Laska 
4th: Brian Mclay, Alex O'Leary, Kyle Brunelle, Tim Ferguson, Robert Bourgeois, Daniel Soly, Josh Wescott 

Not Pictured - Dave Sgroi, Chris Farrow 


(Alphabetically) Ryan Black, Jordan Bolarinho, Joseph Brunelle, Joshua Burke, Michael Casey, Charles Cedrone, Andrew Clark, Matthew Clifford, Luis Collado, 
Allison Cote, Curtis Dawe, Cassandra Demogenes, Gabrielle DiLemme, Timothy Donavan-Ayers, Aislyn Driscoll, Trevor Dumais, Kevin Faria, Sean Farmer, Kevin 
Farrell, Samantha Ferguson, Brittany Ferguson, Zachary Florio, Rebecca Giroux, John Paul Glynn, Alexandra Hamilton, Erin Hardy, Connor Hughes, Corey Johnson, 
Christine Kardosz, Conor Kelly, Paul KIrchner, Nicole Laffey, Kayla Leverone, Megan Lopez, Erika Lynch, Adam Mahrez, Jason Maniscaico, Theresa Mayott, Michelle 
McCarthy, Kerri McCurdy, Michael Messina, Jake Mooney, April Munro, Chris Murphy, Danielle Nickerson, Austin Oliver, Andrew Pacheco, Andrew Pangakis, 
Priyank Patel, Michelle Paulsen, Matthew Pena, Colleen Regal, David Rogers, Michael Roulic, Caitlin Roy, Drew Salk, Julie Schultz, Samantha Smith, Kellie Smith, 
Nadia Soto, Allison Steele, Allison Stone, Marissa Tansino, Taylor Tedford, Stephanie Ternullo, Vesselina Toncheva, Rachael Trifone, Derek Van Dyke, Alison 
Veilleux, Jeffrey Wallin, Daniel Wesson, Denise Wheelden, Monica Yapoudjian, Thomas Zarro 


National Honor Society 



National Honor , 

Barbas, Mathew Barden, Victoria Belakhov, irini Billiri, Jasmine Bou-Nassif, Anna Brajak, Kyle 
lizabeth Darrigo, Kristina Derosier, IVIitchell Dimanche, Jennifer Dinh, Conor Discoll, Kevin Doherty, 
Emily Dukett, Alexis Fallon, Mike Flynn, Brittany Frederick, Arthur Fulgoni, Matt Gallant, Dan Hill, Joe Hill, Justin Knickle, Emily Koles, 
Safiya Lahlaf, Nick Laspada, Nikolay Liharski, Sarah Matthews, Theresa Mayott, Veronica Murray, Erika Nadile, Mary O'Brien, Mark 
Pagkaliwangan, Lisa Passanisi, Jay Patel, Rebecca Pinals, Kelsey Ruffing, Rachael Ryan, Aimee Sanford, Chris Sanchez, Valentina Shubina, 
att Souza, Robert Tedford, Elizabeth Thomas, Kelly Young 


Steven Alves, Erin Baronas, Nicole Barrett, Allison Carbone, Charlie Cedrone, William Cook, Amanda Curran, Jaime Dodd, Sean Farmer, 
Kevin Farrell, Kerri Filippone, Alex Finestone, Megan Finnegan, Cassie Gorham, Kate Grynkiewicz, Alexandra Hamilton, Erica Hart, Emma 
Healey, Emily Hommel, Stephanie Hunter Maranda Johnston, Olivia Judson, Chiara Lamourie, Brittany Lomanno, Catrlna Longo, Michelle 
McCarthy, Connor McDonough, Sarah Mcintosh, Michael Mulligan, Erin O'Neill, Nathaneal Park, Gina Pomponi, Stephanie Reed, Katelyn 
Sanderson, Joseph Schultz, Katyana Sheridan, Danielle Snider, Steven So, Mukul Suraj-a-wally, Stephanie Ternullo, Cairo Thompson, Jill 
Tolan, Nhat Vu, Christina Walker, Ellse Zekanovic 


May 7-1 1 






BMHS Local Scholarship Awards 

, James M. R. Langille Scholarship - Corinne Huntley 
Ralph Hallenborg Memorial Scholarship - Robert Bourgeois 
Gerard J. Jacobs Memorial Scholarship - Kelsey Bunker 
Peter Jenkins Memorial Scholarship - Jack Jenkins 
Joanne O'Brien Memorial Scholarship - Elizabetii Darrigo 
Billerica Friends of Music Scholarship - C. Jay Sutton, William 
Doherty, Kristina Barry 

Billerica Athletic Association Scholarship - Robert Bourgeois, 
Stephen Parise, Joseph Hill, Thomas McLaughlin, Andrew 
Ciccariello, Denzel Livingston, Christopher Sanchez, Patrick Burns, 
Kevin Doherty, Jack Jenkins, Elizabeth Darrigo, Tina Brewster, 
Rebecca Finals, Caitlin Barbas, Nicole Proulx, Carley Cann, Gina 
Cloutier, Corinne Huntley, Emily Koles, Kaylee Parsons 
Billerica Emblem Club #410 Scholarships - Francis Tainter, Erin 

In Memory of Elinor Trottier - Brittany Frederick 
Billerica Federation of Teachers Scholarship - Daniel Soly, Zachary 
Mooney, Meghan Catania, Kelsey Ruffing, Alexis Fallon, Aimee 

Billerica Garden Club - Aimee Sanford 
Billerica Girls Softball Association Annual Scholarships: 

In Memory of Don Donati - Corrine Huntley, Emily Koles, Elizabeth 

In Memory of Michael F. O'Brien Jr. - Emily Dukett 
Billerica Little League Education Awards - Kyle Brunelle, 
Christopher Farrow, Nicholas LaSpada 
~ In Memory of Peg & Arthur C. Skelton - C. Jay Sutton 

In Memory of Frank O'Keefe - Joseph Hill 
Billerica Pop Warner: 

-Edward F. Hayes, Sr. and Edward Stuart Sr. Memorial Scholarship 

Victoria Turkette, Brianna Salani, Nicholas LaSpada, Meghan 
Francioso, Derek Coffey 

Billerica Youth Soccer Association Memorial ScholaLHito sJ'-™ """ 

Amy Ward Soccer Scholarship - Tir~ " ■"""^ 

Christophe r Porpjaj teeaelSSSiffSeifl^lar^ste^^ 

arshi^j;..,^ia J i..i gw f H ju r!M W^ 

Massachusetts Elks Scholarship, inc. - Heather Donoghue, Erika 
Nadile, Michael Zammuto 
S. G. Hajjar Elementary School Scholarship - Melanie Nault, Andrew 

HHS/BMHS Alumni Association Scholarships: 
Class of 1 959 Scholarship Award - Kelsey Bunker 

~ Fifty Year Class Award - Matthew Souza 

~ Howe High School Class of 1 952 Award - Emily Koles 
Robert Brown Memorial Scholarship Award - Elizabeth Darrigo 
Margaret Mason Memorial Scholarship - Timothy Ferguson 
William Robbins Memorial Scholarship - Jack Jenkins, Meghan 


The Votour Family Scholarship Award - Daniel Hill 
In Memory of Ann Baraldi - Tricia Devlin 

In Honor of the Class of 1947 on their 65th Reunion - Daniel Soly 
In the Name of Billerica Memorial High School - C. Jay Sutton 
In the Name of Howe High School - Joseph Hill 


Lieutenant William J. Love Memorial Scholarship - Clayton 

New England Police Benevolent Association Local 5 Scholarship - 
Christopher Sprinsky 

Lt. William West Jr. Memorial Scholarship - Brian Thompson 
St. Theresa Women's Club Scholarship - Mark Pagkaliwangan 
Dr. Elizabeth McCarthy Memorial Scholarship - Victoria Turkette 
Billerica Youth Basketball Scholarship - Patrick Bradanese, Kyle 
Brunelle, Danielle Diorio, Rachel Ramos, Carley Cann, Nicole 
Proulx, Brian Thompson, Joseph Hill, Andrew Kriff, William Ricard, 
Erin Brooks, Rebecca Percuoco, Jason Ferri, Thomas McLaughlin, 
Jared Roy, David Sgroi 

Ditson School Association Scholarship - Clayton Arroco, Jennifer 

Sean C. Elmore Memorial Scholarship - Tina Brewster, Brittany 
Frederick, Thomas McLaughlin, Andrew Ciccariello, Jack Jenkins, 
William Ricard, David Sgroi, Emily Koles, Elizabeth Darrigo, 
Rebecca Percuoco, Donald Clericuzio, Timothy Ferguson, Jonah 
Choe, Pedro Trindade, Nicholas LaSpada, Gina Cloutier 
Paula Fidler Scholarship - Alexis Fallon, Nicole Cataldo, Pedro 
Trindade, Rebecca Percuoco, Kyle Brunelle 
Kathi Glavin Higgins Scholarship - Alexis Fallon, Elizabeth Darrigo, 
Meghan Catania, Meghan Francioso, Elizabeth Norman, Kathryn 

Army National Guard Scholarship - Elizabeth Norman, Matthew 

National Aviation Academy - Joshua Castonguay 

Town of Billerica Scholarship Foundation Awards 

Ann Lally Costanza Scholarship - Brendan Connell 
Robert Carroll Memorial Scholarship - Miranda Maguire 
jTtea Memorial Scholarship - Danielle Diorio 

Disabled American Veterans Scholarship 

Billerica Fast PitchSof 
Corinne Huntley, Nicole Proulx 
Knights of Columbus Fr. Wren CouncTT 
Kelly Dangora 

Harriet L. O'Connell Memorial Scholarship - Rdb^ 
John C. Stewart Jr. Memorial Scholarship - Ashley'pBfc^ra 
Lisa Tammaro Memorial Scholarship - Meredith Stanton 
Charles L. Lampson Scholarship - Stephen Parise 
Frank A. Altobelli Memorial Scholarship - Makenzie Altobelli 
Mary and Walter Arakelian Memorial Scholarship - Katelyn Canario 
Billerica Community Alliance Awards - Alexandra Adier 
Billerica Sons of Italy -Salvatore Grieco and Anthony E. Capaldo Sr. 
Memorial Scholarships - Andrew Ciccariello 
Sgt. William Bradley Memorial Scholarship - Michelle Soloski 
Richard Cogan Parker School PTO Scholarship - Shawn Morrissey 
Council on Aging Student Volunteer Recognition Scholarship - 
William Doherty 

Nancy A. Donaghey Memorial Scholarship - Ryan Enos 
Donald R. Donati Memorial Scholarship - Robert Tedford 


f Dr. Barbara Wittenhagen Parker School PTO Scholarship - 
'Michelle Soloski 

Scott Dumont Memorial Scholarship - Emily Dukett 
□utile School PTO Scholarship - Corine Meliek 
Eldora Ferren Memorial Scholarship - Donald Clericuzio 
Alan Hartshorn Memorial Scholarship - Jared Roy 
Sidney Horlink Memorial Scholarship - Kelly Young 
Rev. John T. Lawler Scholarship - Nicole Cataldo 
Lawrence L. Day Memorial / Merrimack Valley Area Rotary 
Scholarship - Jay Patel 

Locke Middle School Parents Education Partners Scholarship 
Mitchell Dimanche 

Robert F. Loranger Sr. Memorial Scholarship - 
Jason Ferri, Laura Sargent 
Max's Scholarship - Meredith Mills 
Meagher Family Scholarship - Meghan Catania 
Newtowne Grille Scholarship - Timothy Ferguson 
Emmett Pulliam Memorial Scholarship - Aline Mendes 
Francis Lester Shaughnessy Memorial Scholarship - 
Michael Zammuto 

Vining School PTO Marianne Kicza Memorial Scholarship - 
Corinne Huntley 

Major John P. Whyte Memorial Scholarship - Katelin Angel 
Burlington Medical Associates Scholarship - Alexis Fallon 
Karyn Button Memorial Scholarship - C. Jay Sutton 
Marshall Middle School Student Council Scholarship - 
Megan MacDonald 

Mark Bagshaw Memorial Scholarship - Thomas Cormier 
Billerica Lions Club ~ R. Myrton Davis Memorial Scholarship - 
Daniel DiFabio, Nicole Proulx 
Billerica Parent Advisory Council for Special Education Scholarship - 
Matthew Souza 

Billerica Rotary Club, Michael Olivieri Scholarship - 
Brittany Frederick, Megan Lenane 
William F. Bird Memorial Scholarship - Matthew Gallant 
Kennett F. Burns Cabot Corporation Scholarship Awards 
Matthew Barden, Patrick Tanguay 
Gladys Cerrato Memorial Scholarship - Sarah Morrison 
Clark & Reid Scholarship - Patrick Burns 
Class of 201 2 Scholarships - Caitlin Barbas, Andrew Q 
Jordan DeSousa, Thorsten Diekow, Nicholas LaSpa^ 
O'Brien, Daniel Soly, Samantha Tosto 
The James R. Couet Memorial Scholarship - ^^FW^hUf^ser 
L. Robert DeSanctis Memorial Scho\arsh\DArk^ir^ Regal 
Karen Jean Dingle Memorial Scholar§j>»t^04^1n/fer Couture 
Michael Donovan Memorial Schol 
Kelsey Bunker, Ashley Olson^/'^^^'y 
Empire Recycling Scholafet^jS^J^^nae/ Flynn 
Glendon A. GroveiJ4g^g^^6holarship - Melanie Nault 


re Memorial Scholarship - Irini Billiri 
Kennedy School PTO, Catherine L. Torre Scholarship - 
Kelsey Ruffing 

Kennedy School PTO, James J. Dumas Scholarship - 
Zachary Mooney 

Lowell Five Cents Savings Bank Scholarship - Kaylee Parsons 
Michael A. Picardi IV Memorial Scholarship - 
Kyle Brunelle, Brian Thompson 
Millipore Foundation Scholarship - Rebecca Finals 
O'Connor True Value Hardware Scholarship - Rachael Ryan 
Joseph A. Sarno Memorial Scholarship - Raymond Hamilton 

I Tean 

Team Ditson 'Aints Trivia Scholarship - Brittany Fone 
Thomas J. Walsh Memorial Scholarship - 
Tina Brewster, Troy Cantalupo 
Eleanor Dale Hoar Scholarship - Tricia Devlin 
Dr. Robert J. Calabrese Memorial Scholarship - Elizabeth Darrigo 
Barbara G. Norman Memorial Scholarship - Kristina Barry 
Maureen M. Sullivan Award - Jasmine Bou-Nassif 
Robert M. Wallask Award - Gina Cloutier 
Yankee Doodle Homecoming Award - Erika Nadile 
Billerica Scholarship Foundation Awards - Jonah Choe, 
Bianca Doone, Meghan Francioso, Andrew Kriff, Mark 
Pagkaliwangan, Sarah Pienta, Sean Reinold, Brianna Salani, 
Christopher Sanchez, Francis Tainter, Kristyn Van Arnam 
Stoneham Bank Scholarship - Heather Donoghue, Lisa Passanisi 
Keith B. Rist Memorial Scholarship - Kira Trunfio 
Eastern Massachusetts Basketball Officials Association (EMBOA) - 
Rebecca Percuoco 

Kent Scholarship Selectman's Awards - Daniel Hill, Joseph Hill, 
Emily Koles, Safiya Lahlaf, Nikolay Liharski 
Annette M. Miner Memorial Scholarship - 
Conor Driscoll, Elizabeth Thomas 

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With the spread ol 
sm.irtphones, businesses 
started making use of QR 
code technology as a way 
to quickly get information 
to consumers. Retailers, 
magazines and various 
other outlets began placing 
the barcodes in various 
locations, allowing users to 
scan with their phones for 
additional content. If you 
have a smartphone, try 
scanning the QR codes 
located throughout this 
publication to access 
additional content. 


Penn State University fired 
legendary football coach 
oe Paterno, 85, after 
one of Paterno's former 
ong-time assistants, Jerry 
Sandusky, was arrested on 
child sex abuse charges. 
Just over two months 
ater, Paterno died of 
complications from lung 


ore than 110 
illion viewers 
watched the Super 
Bowl, 25 million 
watched Came 7 
of the World Series 
and 23 million 
watched the last game 
of the NBA Finals. 

By the numbers 

In 2011, 75 of the 
100 most- watched 
sporting events on 
TV were NFL football 
games, including the 
top 17. 



Rap icons Jay-Z and Kanye 
West worked together on 
a new album. Watch the 
Throne, and even went out 
on a brief two-month tour 
to support the album. With 
only 33 performances, 
the Jay-Z/Kanye concert 
became a highly sought 
after ticket. 


After a public feud, 
producers fired actor 
Charlie Sheen from the 
popular sitcom Two and 
a Half Men and his lead 
character was even killed 
off in the show's storyline. 
Ashton Kutcher replaced 
Sheen in the cast for the 
new season, and the show 
continued to be a hit. 


Entering its third season. 
Glee maintained its status 
as a hit. The cast went on a 
live concert tour. A spin-off 
reality show. The Glee 
Project, also began with the 
winners getting a shot to 
appear on the main show. 


Duke coach Mike 
Krzyzewski won his 903"^ 
,ame when the Blue Devils 
defeated Michigan State at 
Madison Square Garden 
on Nov. 15, allowing him 
to pass his mentor Bobby 
Knight and become the 
coach with the most wins 
in men's college basketball 


The New York Giants 
defeated the New England 
Patriots, 21-17, in Super 
Bowl XLVI. New York 
quarterback Eli Manning, 
playing in the Indianapolis 
stadium made famous by 
his older brother Peyton, 
led the Qants on a game- 
winning touchdown drive 
in the last four minutes and 
was chosen Super Bowl 
MVP for the second time. 


The leadership of North 
Korea passed from father 
to son when Kim Jong II 
(right) died of a heart attack 
and his youngest son, Kim 
Jong Un (third from right), 
became ruler. Although 
North Korean leaders 
called Kim Jong Un the 
Great Successor, officials 
worldwide were unsure of 
his readiness to lead the 
nation, known for its strong 
military and poor human 
rights record. 


Cars powered by electricity, 
such as the Nissan Leaf and 
the Chevy Volt, became 
more readily available for 
those interested in energy 
efficiency. However, selling 
for $35,000-$40,000 
meant the cars were still 
out of the price range for 


The Arab Spring uprisings 
of 2011 continued into 
2012. Egyptians returned 
to Tahrir Square to protest 
the temporary government, 
and violence increased 
when a military police 
officer was seen beating 
a woman. In Syria, more 
than 5,000 people died in 
2011 during government 
protests, while the 
government said it was 
cracking down on whal it 
called armed terrorists. 

Pholo ( rc'dils: Ncwscom 


Novak Djokovic amazed 
the tennis world with one 
of the greatest Individual 
seasons ever. He won 
Wimbledon and the U.S. 
Open, while compiling a 
record of 70-6, then started 
201 2 by beating rival 
Rafael Nadal to win the 
Australian Open. 


After 1 4 years, MTV 
brought back its cult classic 
animated show Beavis and 
Butthead and began airing 
new episodes. A whole new 
generation got the chance 
to enjoy the dim-witted 
antics of heavy metal loving 

"We got into the | 
water and swam to | 
shore. I didn't really feelj 
the water until I got out| 
Then, it was freezing." | 
Patrick Capito, 
Costa Goncord ia 


Source: MSNBC 


At least 1 7 people died 
when the cruise ship Costa 
Concordia hit rocks close 
to shore off the coast of 
Tuscany, Italy. After the 
impact and blackout, 
passengers said they were 
told there was only an 
electrical problem. Only 
when the ship began to tilt 
did the 4,200 passengers 
and crew decide to get 
their life jackets. 


Indianapolis Colts 
quarterback Peyton 
Manning missed the entire 
NFL season after going 
through three surgeries 
to fix disc problems in his 
neck. Without the 4-time 
MVP, the Colts struggled to 
a 2-14 season. Manning's 
ability to come back 
became a constant source 
of discussion. 


NASCAR driver Tony 
Stewart won five races on 
the way to winning the 
Sprint Cup Championship. 
Stewart's title was his third 
Cup championship, and il 
ended the five-year reign of 
Jimmie Johnson. 


Popular ABC Family 
drama The Secret Life of 
the American Teenager 
capped off its third season 
with title character Amy 
Juergens accepting a 
marriage proposal from 
her boyfriend. The highly 
anticipated fourth season 
returned in March. 



The raging popularity of 
Justin Bieber continued, 
as the pop star released a 
Christmas album, Under 
the Mistletoe, which 
immediately debuted at the 
top of the charts. 


Slugger Albert Pujols 
surprised many in the 
baseball world by leaving 
the world champion St. 
Louis Cardinals to sign a 
free agent deal with the Los 
Angeles Angels of Anaheim 
lor 10 years, worth more 
lhan $250 million. 


Baylor quarterback Robert 
Griffin III racked up more 
than 4,600 yards passing 
and rushing, accounted 
for 45 touchdowns and 
ed the Bears lo a school- 
record 10 wins, which was 
good enough lo win the 
I Icisman Tropliy. 

Phold ( rcdils: Newscom 


NinU'luld ick'.isi'cl ihc 
Ii,iiuI1k-I(I NinkMKlo iDS, 
which Wiis iho first video 
game unit able lo project 
3D effects without the use 
of special glasses. More 
than 400,000 3DS unils 
quickly sold out in the firsi 



Google launched a new 
social networking website 
called Google + , which was 
designed as an alternative 
and competitor to 
Facebook. Google + used 
"Circles" and "Hangouts" 
to categorize friends. In its 
first six months, Coogle+ 
attracted 90 million users. 


The third album from 
Selena Gomez & the 
Scene, called When the 
Sun Goes Down ended up 
becoming the best selling 
one yet for Gomez and her 

"I will recover and will 
return, and we will work 
together again, for Arizona and 
all Americans." 

Rep. Gabrielle Gif fords 



One year after being shot 
at an event to meet with 
constituents. Rep. Gabrielle 
Giffords of Arizona resigned 
her seat in Congress. 
Giffords had spent the past 
year relearningto talk and 
walk after being shot in the 
head. She said she would 
recover and return to 


The U.S. Postal Service 
faced money troubles and 
looked at cutting back on 
services. The USPS planned 
to stop next-day service 
for first-class mail. There 
also was talk about closing 
a couple hundred post 
offices and mail facilities 
and dropping Saturday mail 


The St. Louis Cardinals 
defeated the Texas Rangers 
in the 2011 World Series, 
including a miraculous 
comeback in Game 5. 
Twice down to their final 
out and final strike, the 
Cardinals rallied both times 
to win in extra innings 
and force the series to a 
Game 7. 

^2011 Box Office 

1 . Harry Potter and the 
Deathly Hallows, Part 2 

2. Transformers: Dark of the 

3. The Twilight Saga: 
Breaking Dawn, Part 1 

4. The Hangover, Part 2 

5. Pirates of the Caribbean: 
On Stranger Tides 


top movies 


More than 1 4 years after 
the release of the first 
book, and nearly 10 years 
after the release of the first 
movie, the pop culture 
phenomenon of Harry 
Potter came to a close with 
the last movie, Harry Potter 
and the Deathly Hallows - 
Part 2. By the end, the tales 
of the boy wizard captured 
the imagination of an entire 


Two-time Indy 500 winner 
Dan Wheldon died from 
injuries he sustained in a 
crash during a race at the 
Las Vegas Motor Speedway 
in October. The 33-year 
old Wheldon was a popular 
sports star in his home 
country of England. 


Jeremy Lin, an undrafted 
basketball player from 
Harvard, signed on with 
the New York Knicks as 
the first Chinese-American 
player in NBA history. After 
injuries gave Lin a chance 
in the lineup, he became 
an overnight sensation by 
averaging 27 points a game 
in his first two weeks as a 


George Clooney and 
Shailene Woodley starred in 
the movie The Descendents, 
and led the field of Best Pic- 
ture nominees at the Oscars. 
Other Best Picture nominees 
included Moneyball, 
Extremely Loud and 
Incredibly Close and Hugo. 


Two years after its launch, 
the makers of mobile video 
game app Angry Birds 
announced that the game 
had been downloaded 
more than 500 million 
times across various 
platforms. The success took 
the game mainstream, with 
stuffed animals, T-shirts and 
other products becoming 
popular items. 


Tablet computers, such as 
Apple's iPad 2, the Amazon 
Kindle Fire and the NOOK 
tablet, remained very 
popular items. With a view- 
able area much bigger than 
a smartphone, and easy 
touchscreen navigation, 
users took their tablets with 
them everywhere. 


The Banrl Perry, a new 
country group made up of 
singer Kimbcrly Perry ,ind 
her brothers Reid and Neil, 
gained notoriety for I heir 
self-titled debut album. The 
act won Best New Artist al 
the CMA Awards, as well 
as Song of the Year for "If I 
Die Young." 

I'll! ill. ( |( 

http:/A) ► 


Using the Kepler space 
observatory, NASA 
astronomers discovered a 
pair of planets roughly the 
same size as Earth about 
950 light years away. 
While the temperatures on 
the new planets were an 
unlivable 1,400 degrees, 
their discovery brought 
hope that projects like 
Kepler will continue to 
successfully find new 

"Don't let the 

noise of others' opinions 
drown out your own 
inner voice. And most 
important, have the 
courage to follow your 
heart and intuition. They 
somehow already know 
what you truly want to 

Steve Jobs, 

Source: 2005 Stanford Commencement 


Steve Jobs, the co-founder 
and CEO of Apple, Inc., 
who brought the world 
products such as the iMac, 
iPod, iPhone and iPad, 
died after an eight-year 
battle with cancer. Millions 
mourned jobs, considered 
by some to be the most 
influential technology pio- 
neer of his generation. 


The Alabama Crimson 
Tide defeated the LSU 
Tigers, 21-0, in college 
football's BCS National 
Championship Came. The 
conference rivals faced 
off for the second time 
in the season. While LSU 
won the first meeting, 
Alabama's defense held the 
Tigers to just 5 first downs 
to dominate the second 


In 2011, the United States 
had a record 1 2 weather 
disasters. These included 
massive flooding of the 
Mississippi River; a severe 
drought and wildfires 
in the southern Plains 
and southwest U.S.; and 
Hurricane Irene along the 
East Coast. 

LABOR NEGOTIATIONS were a problem 
for both the NFL and NBA. A lockout by 
NFL owners disrupted training camp, and 
threatened the start of the season before 
a very late settlement. Even once the NFL 
season began, some felt a rash of early 
injuries and sloppy play was due to the 
lost offseason. 

An NBA lockout did interrupt the 
start of the basketball season, with 16 
games for each team getting removed 
from the schedule before an agreement 
was reached and the season began on 
Christmas Day. 

Once the NBA season started, the 
shortened regular season became a grind, 
with teams playing the 66-game schedule 
in a tight, four-month timeframe. 

A late start 


Libyans revoltcfl against 
their government and 
eventually killed their 
dictator of 42 years, 
Moammar Gadhafi, in 
October. Rebels fought 
government soldiers for 
eight months with the help 
of NATO, Including U.S. 


Although Republican 
candidates for president 
had been participating 
in debates for months, 
the 2012 primary season 
began in January with the 
Iowa caucuses and the 
New Hampshire primary. 
Frontrunners for the 
Republican nomination 
in( luded Rep. Michele 
Bachmann of Minnesota, 
former House Speaker 
Newt Gingrich, Rep. Ron 
I'aul of Texas and former 
Massachusetts Gov. Mitl 
Romney all seeking to 
oppose President Barack 
( )b,ima in ihc fall eleclion. 

Pholo ( rcdils: Newsc 



The latest cnli y in I he ( .ill 
of Ou/y series of video 
games, Modem W.irftuc 3, 
sold more than h.5 million 
copies in the U.S. and U.K. 
within 24 hours of going on 
sale in November. Those 
numbers made it the most 
successful video game 
l.iuni h of .ill-lime. 


Denver quarterback Tim 
Tebow gained notoriety 
for leading the Broncos 
to an unlikely six-game 
winning streak, with many 
of the games needing 
late comebacks. The 
former Heisman Trophy 
winner's knack for taking 
to a knee in prayer on the 
sideline became known as 


Katy Perry needeeJ help 
carrying home all the hard- 
ware she W(jn at the MTV 
Video Music Awards. With 
10 nominations entering 
the night, Perry won Video 
of the Year, Best Collabora- 
tion (with Kanye West) and 
Best Special Effects. 


The hit single "Rolling in 
the Deep" from British pop 
star Adele sold more digital 
copies in the U.S. (nearly 
6 million) than any song 
ever had in a single year. 
Her album, 21, became 
the best selling record of 
the year. 


The Washington 
Monument was expected 
In be closed to the public 
lor repairs for at least a 
year after a 5.8 magnitude 
earthquake in August. 
A team rappelled the 
555-foot structure and 
found most of the damage 
I iccurred at the top. Other 
l )uildings, including the 
National Cathedral, also 
were damaged. 


Lady Gaga's latest album. 
Born This Way, sold more 
than a million copies in one 
week, she was nominated 
for three Grammy Awards 
and the Guinness Book 
of Records declared she 
had more followers than 
anybody on Twitter at 
more than 1 3 million. 


Popular DVD-by-mail pro- 
vider Netflix experienced a 
rough year with its strategic 
direction. The company 
was bombarded with 
negative feedback after 
announcing it was splitting 
its online streaming and 
DVD mail services into two 
plans. In the third quarter 
of 2011 alone, Netflix lost 
800,000 subscribers. 

► 72 


The marriage of 
Kim Kardashian and 
Kris Humphries 



The final Atlantis 
space shuttle 


By the numbers 



NFL lockout 

Source: Parade magazinej 


Tennessee's Pat Summitt, 
the winningest coach in 
women's basketball history, 
announced before the start 
of the season that she had 
been diagnosed with early- 
onset Alzheimer's disease. 

Using a plan that gave 
more responsibility to her 
assistants, Summitt stayed 
on the job and again had 
the Lady Vols in the top 1 0. 


Most U.S. troops stationed 
in Iraq were home by Dec. 
31 , ending the eight-year 
conflict there to fight 
terrorism and remove 
Iraqi President Saddam 
Hussein from power. 
About 100,000 U.S. troops 
were in Afghanistan, 
continuing the fight against 
the Taliban, and a few 
thousand of the troops that 
were in Iraq were to be 
redeployed to Afghanistan. 


Amy Winehouse, ihe 
liritish singer-songwriter 
known for her powerful 
voice and numerous hits, 
died of alcohol poisoning 
al her London home. An 
.ilbum of previously unre- 
Ic.ised recordings pul out 
,ifler Winehcjuse's death 
immediately became her 
highest debuting record in 
the U.S. 

Pholo ( rcdils: Newscom 


Protesls erupted in several 
Russian cities ((jllowiiig 
I'.uii.iiTienlary elections. 
I he ruling party barely kept 
control, and thousands 
took to the streets to voice 
their concern about voting 
irregularities. The protests 
were an act of defiance 
to President Dmitry 
Medvedev and Prime 
Minister Vladimir Putin. 


Former Illinois Gcjvernor 
Rod Blagojevich was 
sentenced to 14 years in 
prison for his conviction 
on bribery and attempted 
extortion charges. In 2008, 
Blagojevich was arrested on 
20 counts, including trying 
to appoint someone to 
President Barack Obama's 
Illinois Senate seat in 
exchange for money or a 
high-paying job. 

The top-selling' 
musical artists of 
2011 were: 

1 . Adele 

2. Justin Bieber 

3. Michael Buble 

4. Lady Gaga 

5. Lil Wayne 

Source: Nielsen SoundScan 

best sellers 


Pop legend Whitney 
Houston was tragically 
found dead in her 
Beverly Hills hotel in 
February. At the time of 
her death, Houston was 
one of the best selling 
and most honored singers 
in recording industry 
history. She was the first 
artist to ever record seven 
consecutive number one 


The look of college sports 
continued to change 
thanks to major conference 
realignment. Texas A&M 
and Missouri left the Big 
1 2 to join the SEC, while 
Syracuse and Pittsburgh 
left the Big East to join the 
ACC. The Big East also lost 
West Virginia and TCU, 
which joined the Big 1 2. 

Confused yet? 

w A 't.; 


NASA began a new mission 
to Mars by sending a new 
robotic vehicle on its 
way to the red planet in 
November. The journey 
was expected to take nine 
months. The launch was 
part of a new program to 
determine whether Mars 
could support life. 


111 Ohio, eis went on a 
bi^ game hunt after a man 
who owned more than 
50 wild animals opened 
their cages and set them 
free. The animals had been 
living on a farm in eastern 
Ohio. Schools were closed 
during the hunt. Among the 
animals killed were Bengal 
tigers, lions, black bears 
and grizzly bears. One 
grizzly bear, three leopards 
and two monkeys were 
captured and taken to the 
Columbus Zoo. 


In his fifth season with 
the team, British soccer 
star David Beckham 
finally led the Los Angeles 
Galaxy to the MLS Cup 
championship. Beckham 
was second in the league 
in assists and L.A. capped 
off the year with a 1 -0 
victory over Houston in the 
championship game. 


The incandescent light bulb 
- the bulb everyone has 
used since it was invented 
by Thomas Edison - was 
going away. Stores began 
to only offer halogen 
incandescent, compact 
fluorescent and LED light 
bulbs. However, the U.S. 
Department of Energy was 
unable to enforce the new 
energy efficiency rules for 
most of 201 2 because of a 
lack of money. 




Audiences flocked to 
the theater in droves on 
opening weekend to check 
out Btvdkin)^ Dt?wn, the chapter in the Twilighl 
scries. The last installment 
in the vampire love story 
nf Edward and Belki was 
m.ide ifito two movies, 
with part one lieing 
released in the f.ill. 

Photo ( ri'dits: Newscom 


^ ► Plaid shirts 

► Unbuttoned 
shirt over a 
graphic T 

► Sl<inny ties and 
bow ties 

In vogue 


► Si<irts above the 

► Legging jeans 

► Scarves and 
cowl necks on 


I he U.S. lobt to Japan 
in the final match at the 
Women's World Cup in 
Germany. Twice the U.S. 
led with only minutes left, 
first in regulation and then 
in overtime, before Japan 
tied it with late goals. The 
Japanese then won the 
penalty kick shootout to 
win its first ever Women's 
World Cup title. 


The ever-increasing U.S. 
debt was a hot topic. Amid 
the question of raising 
the debt limit, House 
Speaker John Boehner 
and President Barack 
Obama reached a deal on 
spending cuts, avoidin_ 
the possibility of the U.S. 
defaulting on its debt. Then 
a bipartisan Congressional 
super committee was 
unable to agree on how to 
reduce the national debt. 


To protest corporate greed, 
thousands of people joined 
the Occupy Wall Street 
movement, which was 
organized in New York 
City and spread across 
the country. The group's 
members said they were 
trying to bring attention 
to the plight of the 99% 
of Americans against the 
richest 1 %. 


Thirty people died, and 
146 became sick, from 
eating cantaloupe that 
contained the listeria 
bacteria, the Centers for 
Disease Control said. 
The cantaloupes, from 
a Colorado farm, were 
recalled from grocery stoi 
in 28 states. The deaths 
occurred in 1 2 states. 

Photo credits: Newscom 

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